The Undemocratic Tyranny of Modern Government


I recently sent an email now posted online as My campaigning swan song. That withdrawal from campaigning has been set back by the arrival of an unexpected and unsolicited NHS appointment for a potentially disabling or even fatal Covid booster jab, which also faces friends and family of my same age cohort. I really thought they had given up on pushing their unsafe and ineffective injections which are provenly increasingly dangerous with each successive jab, see here, here, here, here and here

The appointment letter made the unfounded claim that the jab “should help to reduce your risk of getting seriously ill or being admitted to hospital from COVID-19“. It said nothing about the risks of taking the jab. Anyone who administers this dangerous jab on such scant information is in breach of the Nuremburg Code and could face a charge of committing a crime against humanity, as outlined by a UK lawyer here and an Australian lawyer here. I can only assume that the government would like to kill off as many of us oldies as they can to save on pension payouts. 

Initially my wife was undecided on whether to take this Covid booster, which was the main reason I started drafting this post, but I am happy and relieved to say that she has now decided not to take it. I finished the post for the sake of others who might be unsure. It has turned out to be quite long (sorry about that) and very powerful, fitting for a repeat swan song.  

Beyond the jabs, I feel that I’ve done all I reasonably can to expose the tyrannies that the government has been wilfully inflicting on us across multiple fronts, so I hope (again) that this will be my last such public email. 

Sir Edward Mountain and the undemocratic tyranny of Net Zero 

The establishment showed their true colours with their obvious lying all through their Covid “plandemic”, exposed by Reiner Fuellmich and others over a year ago. It is a small step from there to conclude that they have also been lying to us all along about alleged man-made global warming, aka “climate change”. With the Covid scam now waning, this post expands on the tyranny of the climate change/Net Zero scam including the contrived war against farming and “nitrogen“ which is probably the biggest threat to our wellbeing, bar a collapse of the financial system. I assert that the globalist establishment has been using both of these scams as ulterior fearmongering psy-ops “tools of oppression” against the general public.  

Despite my “Swan song”, I have since sent out another email on a shortened Bcc distribution list which excluded friends and family and was restricted mainly to climate change campaigners, now posted online as The undemocratic tyranny of Net Zero by Joel Smalley and others. It was prompted by receiving a political flyer through the post from my MSP Sir Edward Mountain which revealed a fact I didn’t know, that he is convenor of the Scottish Government’s Net Zero, Energy and Transport committee. 

Having crossed swords with Sir Edward previously on Covid (he fobbed me off), I couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a pop at him on climate change and the establishment’s other tyrannies. My impromptu “pop” turned out to be quite a powerful diatribe. It certainly ruffled Sir Edward’s noble feathers and elicited a significantly telling response (below). 

Energy is not even a devolved issue in Scotland yet Sir Edward and his committee sit in their Holyrood Net Zero fantasy-world wasting their parochial time, and Scottish taxpayers’ money, debating Scotland’s future energy needs without even considering (para 3) fossil fuels which currently supply nearly 80% (based on pre-pandemic UK data) of Scotland’s primary energy despite all the wretched windfarms that have been foist on us over recent years, nor, for perverse ideological reasons, emissions-free nuclear power, the only recipe for a good future according to an eminent Oxford professor.  

I defy anyone who reads my post to Sir Edward not to agree that Net Zero is an unscientific, infeasible scam. If in doubt, think like the boy in “The Emperor’s new clothes”. I assert that Net Zero has nothing to do with global climate and is simply a tool of oppression which our puppet (or “useful idiot”) politicians are pushing through at the behest of their tyrannical globalist overlords. 

Sir Edward fobbed me off with the following one-liner after I declined his proposal to engage by unattributable phone call: 

I am always happy to engage but it appears that you only wish to hector and lecture. On that basis I feel that there is little I can do to assist you.  

He clearly IS NOT happy to engage and is only using my robust and uncompromising language as an excuse, just as he did the last time he fobbed me off. 

With most establishment bodies and all the mainstream political parties united in deliberately trying to impoverish us, to freeze us, to starve us and even kill us off, everyone should have the right to express themselves forcefully. The past 20 years of weak “lukewarm” climate change scepticism have got us nowhere. Likewise the past 3 years of Big Tech/MSM-censored Covid scepticism. 

Douglas Ross enthuses over ruinous Net Zero 

In another political flyer recently received through the post, near-neighbour leader of the Scottish Conservatives Douglas Ross talks about visiting the substation at Blackhillock near Keith (geeky I know, but bear with me). He says that this substation “is powering homes across the Highlands and is playing a crucial role in helping us towards achieving ambitious net zero targets“. 

Pardon me Douglas if I’m totally underwhelmed, as are, I’m sure, most of your constituents. Perhaps you could enlighten us on the following inconvenient impediments to “achieving” your make-believe Net Zero nirvana: 

  • Without even considering the disputed science of CO2 global warming, what is the point of pursuing unilateral self-harming Net Zero knowing that the non-Western world will carry on with fossil fuel business as usual for the foreseeable future, rendering your Net Zero endeavour worse than pointless before it even gets going? 
  • How is the fuel poverty ratio in relatively colder Scotland coming along? It was a shameful 27% back in 2018 so it must be much worse now (strangely, I can’t seem to find any up-to-date figure on it) after 5 further years of retrograde Net Zero energy infrastructuremalinvestments and impairments, such as demolishing Longannet. 
  • How is your fossil fuel dependency ratio coming along, still obstinately stuck at nearly 80% despite 15 years of painful decarbonisation slog since the legally-binding Climate Change Act was enacted? 
  • How on earth do you think you can get that fossil fuel dependency ratio down to anywhere near 0% by 2050 without literally shutting down the entire economy? Maybe confer with reticent Sir Edward on that? 

You are needlessly forcing many families to choose between “heating and eating”, the latter becoming painfully expensive thanks to the Net Zero contrived war against farming and fertilisers. You are forcing many previously-viable businesses to shut down. 

The Blackhillock substation was extended specifically to support the 84-turbine Beatrice offshore windfarm off the coast of Caithness. I hope Mr Ross is aware that since 2019, this part-Chinese-owned windfarm has been paid £614 million in subsidies

These obscenely high subsidies have to be paid for by struggling businesses and households across the land. As if that wasn’t bad enough, energy analyst Andrew Montford has discovered that Beatrice and other windfarms are gaming the system to charge us twice for the same electricity. When a windfarm generates too much electricity for the national grid to absorb it is obliged to curtail its output, for which it receives a generous constraint payment. The Blackhillock substation has a facility which can feed Beatrice electricity into an independent network and/or battery storage system for which they can receive payment even when they have taken a constraint payment from the grid. 

Major windfarms are further gaming the system by reneging on their promise to deliver power to the national grid at agreed prices, a ploy which may cost UK consumers a further £1 billion per year. 

In a separate article, Mr Montford asserts that the establishment’s deceptions over climate change and Net Zero are even worse than their obvious deceptions over Covid and that none of the bodies whom the public expect to tell the truth about the Net Zero project will do so. He lists various shocking examples, e.g. The Royal Academy of Engineering. 

He says the deceptions are storing up catastrophic harms for our economy and for our children and grandchildren. Energy that was said to be as cheap as gas is actually going to cost three or four times as much. The costs of ensuring supply when the wind doesn’t blow are an order of magnitude higher. “All because everyone is too scared to challenge the lies. Just like Covid”. Well said Andrew. 

Returning to Mr Ross’s flyer, he talks of a visit to Lewis Wind Power in Stornoway who are planning to bring more renewable energy to the Western Islands, allegedly suitable “for export”. Mr Ross must know that deploying yet more inefficient, expensive, insecure wind power is taking us down a path which will only increase our electricity bills to no useful purpose. He is stringing us along because it’s all part of the ruinous ulterior plan he is pushing through at the behest of his evil globalist overlords. 

I and many others have posted many times that Net Zero is an infeasible futility which will do nothing for the global climate. I assert that Net Zero is nothing more than a tool of oppression to impoverish us, to de-industrialise the economy and in due course to reduce the population. The leader of the Scottish Conservatives Mr Douglas Ross is wilfully complicit in this oppression. 

Years ago I suggested to Ruth Davidson that the Conservatives should repudiate the climate change scam to leave the other mainstream parties out on an intellectually indefensible limb, but no, they stuck with the corrupt globalists and the policy of feeding a constant stream of lies to the general public, culminating in their heinous Covid “plandemic”. Now the only hope for the country lies with a few honest people like David Kurten of the Heritage Party. It’s no longer about left v. right, it’s about good v. evil. 

The inadequacy of wind power 

The GWPF think tank recently published a short study on The inadequacy of wind power by Professor Wade Allison. Reading it invokes a sense of déjà vu in that it repeats the basic yet powerful almost-forgotten arguments which were made 15 and more years ago against trying to use wind power for our national electricity supply, only to be wilfully ignored by the political class. 

Professor Allison says “Wind power fails on every count” and that governments are ignoring “overwhelming evidence” of the inadequacies of wind power and are “resorting to bluster rather than reasoned analysis”. 

The report doesn’t even tell the full horror story. It doesn’t spell out in simple words that the entire UK wind power fleet is almost 100% redundant as it has to be duplicated by secure, reliable backup supplies to generate the electricity needed during UK/Western Europe-wide windless anti-cyclonic conditions of near zero wind electricity supply which can last for many days on end (Professor Allison gives examples), especially in cold, dark midwinter when power is needed most. (The same applies to solar power). 

Nor does it explain that wind power acts as a host-destroying parasite, stealing market share from the essential fossil fuel plants it depends on for backup and balancing because it gets preferential grid access. This is compounded by the “green” taxes imposed on fossil fuel plants designed to force them out of business. This makes commercial suppliers unwilling to build the new gas power stations needed to keep the lights on as our outdated nuclear and demonised coal power plants such as Longannet are shut down to create a wafer-thin capacity margin, the safety buffer between peak electricity demand and available supply. An essential technology that works is being driven out by an antiquated one that doesn’t. The more windfarms that get built, the worse it gets. 

Right on cue for so-called “Green Day”, WEF puppet Sunak announced a package of self-flagellating measures which will only worsen our Net Zero woes to further impoverish and immiserate us, especially the poor, and further impair the energy infrastructure.  

Sunak and Hunt continue to block domestic fracking and discourage exploitation of our North Sea oil and gas resources. Hunt’s energy windfall tax has proved to be as harmful as predicted. More than 90% of offshore firms are cutting investment and shedding jobs, driven away by the raid on profits and the uncertainties caused by political meddling. Under Sunak’s latest announcements, more green charges will be piled onto household energy bills including an extra charge just to continue using gas. The office and home rental sectors are being wrecked by absurdly onerous yet pointless Net Zero building energy efficiency standards. 

A press release from campaign group Net Zero Watch reveals how the great renewables rip-off continues. Renewable energy operators have just been awarded huge prices rises, putting further pressure on hard-pressed consumers. Spokesman Andrew Montford says “For years, ministers and civil servants have been telling the public that renewables are cheap. Make no mistake, they have been engaged in a cynical deception of the British public”.  

It feels as if the government is deliberately trying to abuse us and damage the economy. The UK already almost tops the European league table for high residential electricity prices, an astonishing five times more expensive than Hungary which has had the good sense to stick to the junior league on deploying expensive, inefficient wind power

Allister Heath at the Telegraph has belatedly realised that Net Zero is a Trojan horse for the total destruction of Western society. Esther McVey at the Express says that Net Zero is making us a laughing stalk. Sadly, neither of them comes close to “joining the dots” to draw the obvious conclusion that Net Zero has nothing to do with climate but is all about control and oppression. 

Who knew that the UK and 130 other countries have quietly agreed that the UN can use the World Court to decide which countries breach climate change commitments? This globalist tyranny disenfranchises the electorate even further on Net Zero. 

About 99% of our establishment bodies and politicians are totally out of control. They must know that that their Net Zero “solution” will never work because they have been told that in no uncertain terms by many independent experts over many years, yet still they push ahead down their unworkable cul-de-sac and refuse to debate the issue publicly or respond to criticism, as Sir Edward Mountain has yet again demonstrated. They are wilfully oppressing us, lying to us and taking us all for fools. 

The undemocratic tyranny of the air pollution scam 

In my recent “Swan song” I made a brief reference to the air pollution scam which is now being ramped up all over the country via commerce-crippling Ultra Low Emissions Zones (ULEZ), “preposterous and dangerous” Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTN) and other such impositions. Just like their other scams, this one is also built on junk science Garbage In, Garbage Out computer modelling. I am pleased to note that a couple of recent posts support my stance.  

Firstly, Ben Pile challenges the bad science behind Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ anti-car crusade, reframing the bald claim that air pollution kills 4,000 Londoners every year to say that, at worst, air pollution slightly impedes the rate at which life expectancy increases. He points out that there are many confounding factors in the modelling and any minor air quality improvement a ULEZ might bring could be offset by the economic harm and hence adverse effect on life expectancy it would cause. 

Vlod Barchuk also challenges the bogus figures behind Khan’s anti-car drive. He questions the 4,000 deaths per year claim by pointing out that between 2001 and 2021 only one death had been recorded as being due to air pollution. He also exposes the ulterior motive to use the ULEZ cameras to implement a road-pricing scheme that will affect all London motorists by 2030.  

The air pollution scam is just another tool of oppression, a bogus pretext to abuse, constrain and immiserate us. 

The undemocratic tyranny of Covid and the vaccines 

It was undemocratic because all the mainstream political parties supported the government’s draconian Covid policies, with most wanting to be even more draconian. It was tyrannical because Covid was a globally-coordinated “plandemic” (a charge I put to my complicit MP but he declined to reply), contrived around a virus of about the same severity as flu. As the linked post explains, most of the sad deaths attributed to Covid were caused either by euthanasia or the Covid vaccines themselves, also exposed here.  

Don’t lose sight of the globalists’ ulterior motive, spelled out by Reiner Fuellmich, which was to cow, demoralise and digitally shackle the global population to prevent them from rising up against the establishment for their appalling mismanagement of the global financial system. Their tyranny has not gone away as a massive financial crash still lies ahead of us. 

I have exposed the Covid plandemic in multiple posts, e.g. (oldest first) here, here, here and here and I won’t go over that material again. The introduction of this post links to various studies warning of the dangers of the Covid vaccines, which the government shamelessly continues to describe as “safe and effective”. I’ll limit this section to a few recent posts and articles exposing Covid skulduggeries which have not been reported by any establishment voices or the corrupt, complicit mainstream media. 

The testimonies of John O’Looney 

With so much state-sponsored misinformation being put out on Covid and the vaccines it can be difficult to know what or who to trust. When it comes to deaths, who better to turn to than a patently honest, very articulate undertaker whose only motivation is to try to save lives. John O’Looney is a funeral director in Milton Keynes and he has been speaking out against the Covid plandemic from the very beginning. He has close ties to his local hospitals and care homes and has built up a wide network of influential professionals who keep him informed. The one-hour video interview in this recent article is well worth watching. 

He explains how 2020 was an average year for deaths in the UK despite all the confected hysteria of a supposed deadly pandemic. He describes how old people were euthanised in spring 2020 to create the initial wave of fake Covid deaths [hence the average age of UK Covid deaths in 2020 was 82.4]. He describes how the second wave in early 2021 was caused by the vaccines themselves.  

He describes a meeting with Conservative MP Sir Graham Brady (Chairman of the influential 1922 Committee) with a group of independent experts who explained the criminality and outright murder that was being perpetrated through the Covid plandemic. Sir Graham’s response was to say there was nothing he could do because it was all “above his pay grade“. 

In December 2021 Mr O’Looney teamed with ex-scientific VP at Pfizer Dr Mike Yeadon and others to lodge a complaint at the International Criminal Court in The Hague of Covid crimes against humanity perpetrated by Boris Johnson, Chris Whitty, Matt Hancock and others. Needless to say, the corrupt ICC has refused to act. 

Mr O’Looney gave evidence at the Reiner Fuellmich Crimes Against Humanity trial. It starts at 3:20:30 of the Day 3 proceedings. The early part is mostly as in the above interview but from about 3:29:00 he gives a chilling account of how he narrowly avoided being euthanised himself when he had to go into hospital with a respiratory problem (not Covid). He knew they were trying to kill him. Two others in his ward took the lethal drugs and he had to listen to both of them dying. He had to battle to discharge himself. 

The testimonies of Andrew Bridgen MP and Sir Christopher Chope MP 

As far as I am aware, Messrs Bridgen and Chope are the only MPs who have stood up in the House of Commons to address the issue of injuries and deaths caused by the Covid vaccines. I have always had a high regard for Sir Christopher as he was one of only five MPs who voted against the 2008 Climate Change Act. 

I posted previously (Good News story 2) when Mr Bridgen launched his campaign against the dangerous Covid vaccines last December. On 17 March he made another speech in the House of Commons on this “life and death” issue, Hansard transcript here. It is worth watching at least the start of the video of his speech put together by Dr John Campbell for his 2.74 million subscribers. It shows the chamber emptying as soon as Mr Bridgen is called to speak, to which Dr Campbell gives a very disparaging commentary while “walking on eggshells” to avoid being banned by YouTube (he was briefly) for going against the establishment narrative. 

The irony of this “hear no evil, see no evil” performance by our politicians is that Mr Bridgen mostly quotes the government’s own data. For example, he said: 

The figures show that to prevent just one healthy adult aged between 50 and 59 from being hospitalised due to Covid, the Government’s own published data states that 43,600 people had to be given an autumn booster jab. With a serious adverse event rate of one in 800, that means that in the healthy 50 to 59-year-old group, as a result of using the mRNA boosters, 55 people would die or be put into hospital with side effects to prevent one single Covid case presenting in hospital. 

Note also his shockingly revelatory statement, laced with sarcasm, that: 

Members of the JCVI [UK Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation] declared between them interests of more than £1 billion of investments in big pharma, but I am sure that that would never have influenced their judgment. 

The mainstream media ignored Mr Bridgen’s speech and disparaged him as a “conspiracy theorist”. Totally lacking in self-awareness, WEF stooge Penny Mordaunt MP accused him of “spreading conspiracy theories” about the WEF. The corrupt BBC attempted a hatchet job on Mr Bridgen’s facts which was easily rebutted by Norman Fenton, a retired professor of statistics. 

Sir Christopher Chope has been campaigning for some time against Covid vaccine injuries and the lack of government support or proper vaccine damage compensations. On 24 March he stood up in an almost empty House of Commons to give a speech on this issue, also recorded in a Dr John Campbell video of the event. Hansard transcript here. 

What disgraceful boycotting by our parliamentarians! That in itself is PROOF that the Covid vaccines have been an utter disaster. 

The evidence of Edward Dowd 

Mr Dowd is a former Wall Street fund manager who is using his analytic skills to expose the horrific adverse reactions from the Covid vaccines. He has already published actuarial data on the shockingly high post-vaccine rollout levels of US excess deaths which I included in my recent Swan song. [Dr John Campbell reports here on similarly awful all-cause excess death statistics for Europe.] 

He has now published a new report on US work absence rates which he says are “off the charts”. Don’t be put off by the complex statistics and tables of data in this post, listen to the easy 10-minute presentation explaining why the numbers are horrific and unprecedented. It reveals that the US CDC anticipated 1,000 adverse effects per day from the rollout of the Covid vaccines but that the actual numbers in January 2021 turned out to be almost five times greater (details here). 

Mr Dowd and his colleagues conclude that these excess deaths and injuries can only be explained by the Covid vaccines which the establishment resolutely refuses to acknowledge or investigate. Quite apart from all the deaths, the severe disablements and the less serious injuries are having a seriously negative impact on US worker productivity and hence economic prosperity. 

The undemocratic tyranny of the war in Ukraine 

The UK government is sending depleted uranium anti-tank shells to Ukraine to support Biden’s needlessly-provoked proxy war against Russia. This is yet another crime against humanity as it will leave war-zone Ukraine lethally contaminated forever. 


I could go on about the undemocratic tyranny of unelected and unaccountable public bodies such as central banks and the IMF, Big Tech, the UN, the WHO, the World Economic Forum, national health authorities, assorted billionaire “philanthropaths” such as Bill Gates, George Soros and the Rockefellers and assorted “green” NGOs and committees. But I won’t, as it’s all been said before. 

In my long life I have never before experienced such overt political corruption, flagrant lying, censorship of free speech, authoritarian tyranny and demonic evil as we, the people, have been subjected to over recent years. Our politicians are waging undeclared war against us on behalf of their globalist overlords. The Club of Rome’s dictum that The real enemy then is humanity itselfexplains much of their Malthusian motivation. The entire swamp somehow needs to be drained. 

My advice, for what it’s worth, is that nobody should take the Covid boosters. Recent UK take-up appears to be nugatory.  

Just say no. Don’t comply even if the next coercion they try to impose on us is troublesome to resist. Give them an inch and they will take a mile. Remember that they are the few, we are the many. 

I hope that some who read this will take on my retired campaigning mantle and give their politicians stern criticism of the tyrannies they are imposing on us. Just don’t be too robust as it gives people like Sir Edward Mountain a pretext not to engage. 

Douglas Brodie, Nairn, 7 April 2023