The Undemocratic Tyranny of Net Zero

By Doug Brodie

To: Sir Edward Mountain, Conservative MSP for the Highlands and Islands

Cc: Members of the Scottish Government’s committee on Net Zero, Energy and Transport, Mr Douglas Ross MSP, leader of the Scottish Conservatives 

Bcc: Various climate realists and a few politicians

Dear Sir Edward,

I note from your newsletter recently delivered by post that you are the convenor of the Scottish Government’s Net Zero, Energy and Transport committee.

I challenge you to publish a defence of the undemocratic tyranny of Net Zero for all your constituents to read. I have been arguing against this madness for years, e.g. in 2015, 2018, 2020 and 2022 but have always been fobbed off without any justification beyond false boilerplate assertions and clichés.  

I’ll restrict my commentary to the links above and the following bullet points.

  1. In 2015 Christiana Figueres, then executive secretary of the undemocratic, unaccountable UN IPCC, admitted at a press conference that the ulterior goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism. 
  2. In 2018 the UN IPCC showed itself to be a complete joke of an institution when, hoist on the petard of its own pseudo-science, it issued its 1.5º Special Report and its Net Zero drive for totally infeasible global emissions cuts within an impossibly short timescale. Analyst Roger Pielke calculated that the world would need to build the impossible equivalent of a 2 GW nuclear power station every day until 2050 to get to Net Zero. This just reinforced the UN IPCC’s own 2015 admission that its real agenda is repressing the global population, controlling global resources and pursuing its UN Agenda 2030 for totalitarian one-world government.
  3. Just this week the UN IPCC issued a hysterical new report repeating their previous climate misinformation nonsense, which strangely never gets challenged by Ofcom or the paid-for globalist fact-checkers, calling for emissions-cutting efforts to be “super-charged”. The mainstream media confirmed that they are bought-and-paid-for globalist shills by bigging it all up and not questioning the obviously false narrative. This panic is very strange given that global temperatures have flatlined (net) for all of this century, with global cooling (as in the 1960s and 70s) the most likely scenario over the next few decades as the naturally cyclical Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (which the UN IPCC choses to ignore) goes through its cold phase. The following bullet points show just how annoyingly detached from reality the UN IPCC has become. It’s high time we ignored them completely.
  4. You and your colleagues have already contrived to saddle the UK with the highest electricity bills in the world through your “climate change” follies, to the economic ruination of many UK businesses and households. Very annoyingly, because it was forewarned many years ago, this “pain” has brought very little “gain” because pre-pandemic the UK was still almost 80% dependent on fossil fuels for its primary energy supplies. (The corresponding figure for the world as a whole was 84% dependency). Equally annoying, many of the meagre gains have come from fiddled statistics: when a business or industry is forced to close down or move abroad, as many have in recent years due to your ruinous policies, its CO2 emissions leave the UK books but when the equivalent goods or products are then imported, they count as emissions free. A simple engineering explanation of why weather-dependent renewables are unviable is given here, as was explained in detail by Chief Scientist Professor Sir David Mackay all of 15 years ago. 
  5. Your misguided ongoing Net Zero policies will only make things worse, in particular: continuing down the disastrous energy supply cul-de-sac of yet more hugely-expensive, unviable and hopelessly-insecure wind and solar power; Jeremy Hunt’s recently-announced plan for the nationwide deployment of unproven-at-scale, expensive, energy-inefficient carbon capture and storage, dismissed as “bonkers” all of 9 years ago by energy expert Euan Mearns; pursuing the dead-end of impractical and hopelessly-expensive green” hydrogen; continuing the expensive importation of foreign natural gas rather than pursuing domestic fracking and enthusiastic exploitation of our North Sea oil and gas resources, currently fettered by Hunt’s energy windfall tax; SNP/Green Party refusal to countenance nuclear power or even gas or coal-fired power essential for grid balancing, synchronisation and backup. To be fair, the UK Labour Party’s Net Zero plans would probably be even more destructive.
  6. Global CO2 emissions from fossil fuel energy combustion and industrial processes have been on a rising trend for over a century and there is no realistic prospect of this trend being reversed in the foreseeable future. The graph shows that the unprecedented global Covid lockdowns resulted in only a tiny fallback which has already been cancelled out. The IEA’s 2021 Energy Outlook report shows clearly that the so-called “energy transition” (from fossil fuels to so-called renewables) is a total con. There is no energy transition, just energy addition.
  7. Contrary to the establishment’s false climate change narratives: the level of CO2 in the atmosphere has negligible effect on global climate, see here and here; the level of CO2 in the atmosphere is not controlled by man-made emissions; there is no climate crisis, see here, here, here and here.  
  8. While Western countries chose to make themselves increasingly uncompetitive and hollowed-out with expensive, unsustainable, low efficiency so-called renewables, it is clear that most non-Western countries are going to carry on using cheap, efficient and abundant fossil fuels. The UK contributes just 1% to global CO2 emissions which makes the UK’s Net Zero endeavour pointless before it even starts. 
  9. The West seems strangely intent on committing economic suicide over this climate non-issue. It has been estimated that Net Zero could cost the USA the staggering sum of more than $50 trillion, as if that could ever be cost/benefit justified. The thuggish threats of the UN’s Mark Carney and BlackRock’s Larry Fink to bankrupt companies which don’t comply with their absurd ESG regulations will only hasten the West’s economic decline. Is that their malign ulterior plan all along? See my Malthusian postulation below. 
  10. You have no moral authority to impose unjustified Net Zero privations on our hard-pressed businesses and people to impoverish and constrain them with insecure, unnecessarily-expensive energy and onerous expenses such as on useless heat pumps, user-unfriendly EVs, deliberated-inflated food prices due to your contrived war against farming and “nitrogen” (N2O proved to be a trivial greenhouse gas here; at least the Dutch farmers are fighting back strongly), threatened confinements in “15 minute cities” and who knows what further restrictions and coercions such as food and energy rationing and crushing building energy efficiency standards, all on the fake pretext of “tackling climate change”. It is not valid for you to claim you have a mandate for this just because your election manifesto included Net Zero when every treasonous mainstream political party supports the same tyrannical globalist policy. Collectively you have disenfranchised the electorate on this vital issue. 


Prior to the Covid plandemic, during all my years of campaigning against the 2008 Climate Change Act and Net Zero I assumed that the political class was too naïve and non-technical to realise the mistakes they were making and that I could use my expertise (BSc in engineering) to persuade them of the error of their ways. I see now that I made a big mistake.

Post the Covid plandemic, I now realise that the political class could not possibly be so stupid as to believe the fake climate charge/Net Zero narrative they have dishonestly propagated. They sadly brainwashed most of the general public into believing it (although many are now seeing through it) but not themselves, bar maybe a few “useful idiots”. They have clearly been lying to us about climate change/Net Zero for years, just as they did with Covid.  

I assert that you, Sir Edward, and your treasonous Net Zero co-conspirators have sought to inflict grievous harm and oppression on the people of this country on behalf of your shadowy globalist overlords as a putative Malthusian “one-world government” implementation of bullet point 1 above.  

I further assert that your Net Zero skulduggery is another crime against humanity on top of the pre-planned Covid crimes against humanity committed over the last three years, summarised in my last but one post and my “swan song containing a chronological index and links to all my online posts in the comments. 

Evidence that the political class will use any unlawful means they can (remember the Nuremburg Code) as a pretext to subjugate and digitally shackle the general public has already been presented by multiple sources, e.g. via the Fuellmich Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity trial, summing-up here

It is obvious that with the exclusion of Big Pharma, the global Net Zero tyranny is being driven by broadly the same set of criminal conspirators who drove the coldly-calculated, democidal Covid plandemic which cannot be put down to panic, blunders and incompetence: an Anthem for Justice

It is ironic that I developed the immunity to state-sponsored propaganda that I needed to help expose the Covid scam from years of fighting against the always-unbelievable climate change scam.

It is pleasing to note that momentum is building on Covid lawsuits against criminal politicians and officials, e.g. here (criminal complaint against the Swiss President and Minister of Health); here (US civil action against Pfizer); here (Andrew Bridgen, details to follow. Watch plandemic-complicit MPs scuttle from the commons chamber when he stood up to speak about Covid vaccine injuries and deaths, with 12,000 comments under the video); here (Sturgeon reported to the police for Scottish care homes malfeasance) and here (Bill Gates charged with murder in India on top of being “indicted” by Fuellmich). 

Sir Edward be warned, you and your political class co-conspirators gave the game away with your evil Covid plandemic

Yours faithfully,

Douglas Brodie, Nairn, 21 March 2023