NEW LEAFLET: The Vaccines Don’t Work – We Want Our Money Back!

By Paul Edwards. See links for downloading below article.

The people of the UK have been cheated.

We were promised that the Vaccine Programme would end covid-19. It hasn’t worked.

Tens of billions of our taxpayers money has been wasted on them and other useless articles like masks and plastic test kits.

The economy is spiralling out of control, but we are still throwing away billions of pounds on the Vax Programme.

Not only are they useless. They are DANGEROUS!

Evidence is mounting that rather than helping people they are killing and maiming:

  • Over 1/2Million adverse reaction reports.
  • More than 14,000 extra out-of-hospital heart attacks in 2021 compared to 2020.
  • They weren’t even tested properly, but our regulators rubber-stamped their approval.
  • The authorities know they are causing devastating casualties but try to bury the evidence.


We can’t allow this to continue!

We want:

  1. Immediate suspension of the programme.

  2. Immediate stop to monies being paid to the manufacturers and distributors of the ‘vaccines’.

  3. The contracts made by the authorities with the pharmaceutical companies to be declared null and void as they are fraudulent.

  4. A full refund of all monies paid. The ‘vaccines’ didn’t work. We want our money back!

  5. Full compensation to be sought from the pharma companies for those who have died and are injured.

  6. The pharma companies to be prosecuted for fraud.

  7. Investigations launched into the health administrators responsible for recommending the ‘vaccines’ and negotiating the contracts in order to weed out the corrupt officials, prosecute them, and imprison them.

We need our government to listen to us.
We need to show them that we know they have been lying to us.

Download this as a leaflet – read and share!