The Very Dark Side Of the Covid Agenda

A reader wrote to us the following:

I think you’ll find this Dr’s opinions on the whole scam extremely interesting if you haven’t already seen this or heard of her – she’s also a Minister, so is very aware that more importantly than anything else – CV19 is a highly devious spiritual attack against humanity, regardless of an individual’s religious beliefs.

The spiritual dimension of this whole scam is now receiving much more attention – Dr Stella believes the whole hoax is designed to force people to get injected with a demonic substance – one of the ingredients is even called ‘Luciferase’ and the Gates/Microsoft Patent Number is 060606. She’s followed the evidence back to DARPA who are really behind the whole thing and are linked to the gain of function research in China – Bill Gates is just a front – this whole thing goes way deeper – into black military programs etc.

In short, these demonic entities (whose influence is embedded into the highest levels of Global Govt) want to destroy our ‘Humanity’ to deny us Eternal Life, making us dammed like them, and they think they can do it by altering our DNA and corrupting it with synthetic mRNA and later – creating Humans 2.0. Why are magnets sticking to the injection sites of those who got the ‘shot’?

Many of those who took the shot are unable to do their jobs anymore as they’ve forgotten what their job was and others are having various mishaps and catastrophes aka ‘Vaxx-idents’ due to mini strokes caused by blood clots in the brain.

I would also recommend that you listen to Health Ranger Mike Adam’s Contagious Mind Audio Pdf/mp3 Series which is free to download as are his Surviving The Great Reset Series and Survival Nutrition.

Mike Adams is brilliant – he has his own independent, state-of-the-art Lab that tests vaccines, food, supplements etc for toxins, heavy metals and GMO’s, and he has exposed many nefarious deeds by the Food Industry and Big Pharma and had his and his family’s life threatened as a result.

His Contagious Mind Series is fantastic – I was not aware of this information and I think everyone who is on the side of good should be made aware, especially as ‘they’ would not want anyone to know – that you can change reality by manipulating the ‘Morphic Field’ using various techniques which Mike Adams explains – and it’s so easy a child could do it.

Blood-clots that damage the brain cut a person off from being able to interact meaningfully with the Morphic Field – very convenient for ‘them’.

Also worth exploring and sharing are the benefits of drinking either Fennel or Pine Needle Tea as a protection against viral shedding and also supplementing with high dose Quercetin.

Watch the interview with Dr Stella Immanuel:

The Contagious Mind:
Watch Mike Adam talking on the Contagious Mind series: