Independence Day – The White Rose Petition (Ireland)

On the 4th of July 2021, over 1 million people living in Ireland will meet together at Dublin City Centre, to announce their independence from the Irish Government. The White Rose Petition demands that:

1) all 30 Basic Human Rights stolen by the Irish Government – are immediately restored to all the People of Ireland;

​2) all Covid Restrictions are immediately returned to Level Zero – so the People can once again start living their lives as free individuals:

​3) an Independent Public Trial Commission consisting of respected Judges, Lawyers & Investigators for each of the 26 Counties is chosen;

​4) all Corruption, Human Rights crimes by Irish civil servants (at all levels) since 1922 – are independently investigated and public trials held;

​5) Annual Salaries of ALL politicians working within the Irish government system are immediately capped at €30,000 for 2 years;​

6) a Politician’s Monthly Bonus is immediately based upon their performance representing the People of Ireland for 2 years;

​7) a Public Referendum Vote be held on whether a new Irish Constitution is to be drafted to replace the old Constitution of 1937.

​If you agree with this Petition please fill out the form below and click the Sign The Petition Button. You will receive an email that will confirm your signature. You must reside in Ireland to submit this petition so as an accurate count of 4th of July 2021 event attendees can be calculated.

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