The World Economic Forum Is Steeped in Marxist Ideology and Is Infiltrating Governments across the World

In a talk to the Australian Senate, Sen. Alex Antic talks about the World Economic Forum sharing the speech on his Facebook page.

The World Economic Forum is steeped in communist ideology.
They promote lockdowns, mandatory injections and a system of digital identification.

It’s imperative that we do all that we can to preserve our liberty and find out just how far the WEF has infiltrated our country and our institutions. (The Thinking Conservative/YT)

Backup video:

South Australian Liberal Senator Alex Antic Mentions WEF (Problem. Reaction. Revolution!/Odysee)

Australian Liberal Senator Alex Antic mentioned Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet being penetrated by the World Economic Forum in a speech on the organization’s “authoritarian and Marxist” ideology.

Boo - Klaus Schwab