They Want to Stop You From Having Your Own Little Fire

Having a little fire at home, burning some sticks, a log or two means enjoying a bit of freedom, and perhaps saving on your energy bill. But the control freaks seem to hate everything that gives us a sense of independence. Now they’re even after our wood burning stoves… Making us feel bad about having our own little fire at home is part of the Agenda 2030 climate change fraud, conducted by hypocrites.

Since the lockdowns, the government seems to love creating zones for all kinds of restrictions. See here:

Get Your Hands Off (Richard Vobes/YT):

A reader asks legitimate questions:

But turn the page and look into biomass! How much damage has been done already? Trees being shipped from Canada and America to UK and EU? How many good trees have been destroyed? How long has it all been going on? Do any of the firms involved get subsidies? Where do profits go?

The Telegraph reports:

The “scandal” of burning wood for energy must end, MPs have warned the Energy Minister in the wake of a Telegraph investigation.

More than 50 MPs from across the political divide are writing to Kwasi Kwarteng on Thursday to demand a meeting over the payments of green subsidies to biomass power plants.

The letter, organised by Sir Peter Bottomley, the Father of the House of Commons, comes in the wake of an investigation by this newspaper which found that Drax, the UK’s biggest biomass plant, is burning the equivalent of 25 million trees a year to supply electricity.

The letter warns that the move to burning wood for energy has been a “grave error of judgment”.
Burning trees ‘makes global warming worse in short term’

“Two years ago Parliament declared a climate emergency. The sacrifices constituents are being asked to make to reach net zero are huge,” they write.

“Neither they nor we can understand why it was decided to give Drax £4 billion of subsidies from electricity bills to create even more carbon dioxide. This scandal demands an immediate response.”

The 52 MPs, including Caroline Lucas, the leader of the Green Party, and SNP leader in Westminster Ian Blackford, point out that the scientific community has warned that burning wood for energy will make global warming worse in the short term.

Warnings about Drax’s green credentials have come from “top think tanks” of Chatham House, EASAC and Ember as well as the WWF, RSPB and Greenpeace, the MPs note.

“It is obvious that chopping down trees in the USA, transporting them across the Atlantic and then burning them is going to increase carbon dioxide levels,” the letter states.

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