This Is the Crime of the Century

Shocking Dutch cover-up: They knew about vaccine injuries and hid the data:

In story first reported by the U.K.’s Jim Ferguson, hacked data from the Dutch government shows that the E.U. Globalists went after the children and afterwards hundreds of vaccine injuries were reported all across the Netherlands and the EU. Why didn’t we hear about it? Turns out they hid the information and then covered-up the data from the public and then more people were injured.

Dutch Freedom Fighters and Truth Seekers, former Dutch Parliamentarian and business entrepreneur Wybren van Haga, Businessman and Data expert Wouter Aukema and Anne Merel Kloosterman who is representing many vaccine injured join Redacted to share this story. (Redacted News – Clayton & Natali Morris/Bitchute)

Leaked Audio: 7News (Australia) Censored Comments Against Covid Vax:

The recent coverage by 7News on the experimental mRNA gene vaccines serves as a glaring example of media manipulation aimed at obscuring the truth from the Australian public. This deliberate distortion undermines the legitimate concerns of many Australians who have experienced adverse effects from these vaccines and seeks to suppress the growing awareness among the populace.

In one part of the broadcast segment, 7News selectively presented part of Dr. Robert Booy’s statement: “That’s great, I’m really pleased for you, but the people who’ve had COVID, who haven’t been vaccinated, get more severe disease, and they’re more likely to get long COVID.” However, the broadcast conveniently omitted the audience’s outraged response, which included shouts of: “Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. That’s fucking lies, mate. You should hand your licence back. Snake oil salesman!” This manipulation paints a falsely sanitized narrative, blatantly ignoring the valid discontent and vocal opposition from the public.

Why did they edit out the audience’s outraged response? Because, according to the media’s playbook, anyone aware of experimental vaccine harms is supposed to be a minuscule, fringe minority. You know, those “absolutely isolated conspiracy theorists” who must be excluded to maintain the illusion of consensus. By sanitizing these reactions, 7News perpetuates the narrative that all dissenters are just a handful of cranks rather than a growing chorus of concerned citizens.

And yet, someone seems to have missed the memo. Just two weeks ago, Rasmussen Polls found that a staggering 33% of people believe the COVID-19 vaccine is “killing large numbers of people.” Nearly a quarter of those vaccinated regret their decision, and a third agree with a medical expert’s condemnation of the vaccine as deadly. So much for the fringe minority narrative. (Willyalfredo/Bitchute)

Every Vax-Injured Person Needs to See This: Recovery Insights from Dr. Peter McCullough

(The Mark Attwood Show: Adventures in a Cosmic Suit 2/Telegram)