Thousands Demonstrate Peacefully in Amsterdam

Around two thousand people gathered on Museumplein in protest at the strict corona measures that have been introduced by the Dutch authorities.

The recent introduction of a curfew has added a further unwelcome dimension to the situation with unfavourable comparisons with the second war; then a curfew was also implemented in the Netherlands by the Nazi occupiers.

Prior to the meeting on the Museumplein, several hundred activists gathered at the van Randwijkplantsoen where a flower protest was held under the famous motto which referred to the tyranny of the war years:

“A people that succumbs to tyrants will lose more than life and good, its light goes out.”


People walking peacefully between the park and the square did so with difficulty because the police had blocked off the road in various points. The hitherto relaxed and peaceful atmosphere at the square was quickly dissipated when police with heavy riot gear, on the direct orders of the Mayor, swept the square clean of demonstrators by means of water cannon, charging mounted  police and police dogs.

Some non-uniformed police officers acting as agents provocateurs and mingling with demonstrators, played their part to foment further trouble which previously had been absent from the otherwise peaceful protest. A grim and very tense situation was the result. Once again the basic right to demonstrate and protest peacefully has come under threat.

(“stop lockdown” on YouTube)