It’s Time to Get Angry

By Dr Vernon Coleman

There is madness everywhere.

A town in North Carolina in the US has ruled that everyone down to the age of two must wear a mask. That’s madness. The evidence shows clearly that masks do no good but a great deal of harm. They cause cancer and bacterial pneumonia.

A 31-year-old Welsh rugby player dropped dead of a cardiac arrest a few days after being jabbed. The BBC reported that to stop this happening again, defibrillators were needed at every rugby club in Wales. They didn’t bother to say that it would be better not to jab people. If someone is pushing people into the river you don’t deal with the problem by making lifebelts available every few yards. You stop the person who is pushing people into the water.

After a 17-year- old suddenly died, the BBC ran a special report titled ‘what can cause a cardiac arrest’. There was no mention of the covid jab, and there were calls for defribrillators to be put in all schools because of the sudden, new risk of children having cardiac arrests. I wonder why that could be.

The BBC hardly bothered to mention it when one of their presenters was officially deemed to have been killed by the covid jab. The truth must always be suppressed. Another victim died in vain. Is there one honest, decent person working at the BBC? If you know anyone working at the BBC make sure you explain to them how much contempt you feel for them and their organisation.

In Singapore, the Government has been giving money to people injured by the vaccine. A young boy who had a cardiac arrest was given 250,000 dollars. At the last count, 144 people had been paid damages because they’d been injured by the jabs. People in Singapore have been advised not to take strenuous exercise for a week after being jabbed. I’d advise people never to take strenuous exercise after being jabbed. That’s never as in for the rest of your life.

The BBC proudly reports that in Scotland, 40% of 16 and 17-year-olds have been jabbed. I suppose we can blame Devi Shridhar for that. Scotland’s advisor on such matters – the woman who said on the BBC that no children had died and that the side effects were all treatable.

What next? Will the BBC dig up Jeffrey Epstein and ask him for advice on child welfare? Or maybe Prince Andrew could make a series of programmes on public relations.

A farmer writing in Country Life magazine reported that farmers are being paid, and paid very well, to do nothing, to let their farms go wild. I don’t think they’ve twigged that the idea is to cut farm production, create food shortages and encourage, or force, consumers to buy lab made food. Does anyone really believe the Government would give huge amounts of money to farmers to encourage weeds?

They call it rewilding. It’s mad. Do you know what you’ll get if you let fields go wild? You don’t get flower filled meadows. You get fields full of hogweed, brambles, Japanese knotweed and nettles.

We’re being warned that there won’t be any food at Christmas because all the drivers will be off work. They won’t be off work because they’re ill, they’ll be off work because their App has pinged. Anyone who thinks this is all accidental needs treatment for severe, chronic naivety.

The American Meterological Society says that 2020 was the UK’s 3rd hottest year on record, which may come as something of a surprise to those of us living here. It may have been the hottest year between 2019 and 2021 but I think that’s about it.

Public Health England has produced figures showing that deaths from heart disease, diabetes and cirrhosis are far higher than usual. Golly. I predicted all this 15 months ago. And it’s going to get worse. Meanwhile NHS England has admitted that there is as shortage of little bottles for blood test samples. It has asked any GP still actually seeing patients in the flesh to wait until later in the year before doing blood tests. That should help give the death rate a big boost. Patients will die before they even get onto a multi-year hospital waiting list. There is no effective health care in the UK. The NHS is now a massive, administrative killing machine.

A GP in Londonderry bravely expressed concerns about young people being given the covid-19 jab. She was suspended by the Health and Social Care Board for showing compassion, an understanding of the science and common sense. Maybe someone should find a piece of rope and suspend every government which authorises the suspension of truth telling doctors.

In New South Wales in Australia, the Chief Health Officer has warned that citizens could be wearing face masks for years. She should be sacked. Masks can and will kill those who wear them.

Something called the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists claimed that the ‘vaccines are still keeping many people from dying’. It would be laughable if it were not so insane and so dangerous.

Where are the fact checkers when you need them? They have no more idea than your neighbour’s dog about whether the jabs are keeping people from dying.

Self-disseminating vaccines are coming. They’ve been tested on animals. The idea is that you give a jab to one person and then that person spreads the vaccine to everyone around them. What could possibly go wrong? The pro-vax nutters lie and say it can’t happen. But it will. They don’t think the covid-19 jabs kill people so what do they know.

Last year, in a video, I warned that the jabs would kill more people than covid-19. Oh, how people laughed. Not laughing now, I suspect. Sadly, it’s clear that I was right.

Everywhere you look there is madness.

The family of an 84-year-old vaccinated man begged people to get jabbed as their grandfather was `infected by someone who chose not to get vaccinated’. How could they know? The jab doesn’t stop person A giving covid to person B. That’s a major fact checker fail but it was widely reported. A thousand corrupt fact checkers kept quiet. You don’t get the big cheques if you endorse the truth and expose the lies. PayPal and so on will ban you if you allow the truth to trickle out.

Pope Francis says that getting the jab is an act of love for self and humanity. I thought it was a suicidal act and therefore a sin.

In Israel, anyone over the age of three has to prove they’ve been jabbed or had a negative test before they can enter an indoor venue. That means that three-year-olds can’t go to nightclubs which is clearly unfair.

In the UK they have created a scare called Long Covid. Doctors seem to have forgotten that patients who’d had the flu often suffered from similar long-term problems. Oddly enough, the newly listed symptoms associated with Long Covid just happen to be almost the same as the side effects associated with the covid jab. What a useful coincidence that is.

In the UK the media first reported that the jab had saved 60,000 lives, then it had saved 80,000 lives and the latest I saw was that it had saved 100,000 lives and prevented millions from getting covid. Those were all complete fact-checker fails but I suppose they feel that if you’re going to lie you might as well lie big. The fact checkers seem content with assuring everyone that masks are safe when the science shows clearly that they are deadly killers.

In Wisconsin the senate approved a bill to dissolve dead bodies and dump them in the sewer. This is apparently common practice in 20 American states where it is considered to be a greener policy than anything else.

Tony Blair repeatedly says that it is time to distinguish between the jabbed and the unjabbed, and that’s probably wise since it’s been reported that 87% of the people who have died of covid were jabbed.

The Government now says it is possible to get the flu without having any symptoms at all. There’s talk that the scientists are testing an mRNA flu jab and that the genocidal maniacs in government want the flu jab to be given at the same time as the booster jab for covid-19. One in each arm. Double dealing has never been tested or trialled, of course. Who knows how many million will die?

A third of all middle aged people now have chronic health issues – they drink too much, they have high blood pressure or they have mental health issues. All those can be blamed on the lockdowns. Sadly, they’re not being treated because GPs are too busy giving jabs and hospital staff are too busy making tik tok videos. Patients in the UK still find it nigh on impossible to get a face to face appointment with a GP, and vets are providing a better service for customers than are doctors.

Amazingly, doctors are going to be paid £100 an hour for NOT seeing patients in their consulting rooms and for conducting online consultations which my friend Dr Colin Barron and I agree are of very limited value

The Atlantic magazine ran an article claiming that ‘German’s anti-vaccine history is riddled with anti-semitism’. Those who are sceptical and questioning are attacked as conspirators as usual. The lies and the demonization get worse.

Not wanting to be outdone by Wikipedia, that corrupt agency for lies and disinformation, the Daily Mail announced that I wrongly claim to be a doctor. The Daily Mail online knows that wasn’t true because when it was a newspaper they used to ask me to write articles for them as a doctor. Dan Sales, the libel happy pseudo-journalist who wrote that seems to me to know less about journalism than the average squirrel knows about quantum mechanics. It would have taken him a minute, maybe two, to find the proof that I’m a qualified doctor and an ex GP and I could be back on the medical register by next week if I filled in a few forms. This sort of blatant abuse is becoming commonplace and stands alongside the consistent bullying from rogue websites such as Wikipedia – the corrupt man’s fake encyclopedia.

Gareth Southgate, the England manager of something involving balls has complained that anti-vaxxers have made his life hell since he supported the Government and promoted the jab to younger people. Well, well, well. I wonder how much he knows about these jabs. I rather doubt he’s been studying drug company corruption as long as I have. And I guarantee that the abuse he claims to have received is nothing compared to the evil demonisation I’ve had to put up with from the pro-vaxxers.

Half a dozen Extinction Rebellion supporters, mostly ignorant Guardian readers I suspect, are allowed to disrupt London traffic and are given 1,000 times more publicity than 100,000 people protesting about the covid fraud. The nutters who invaded central London in 2019 left behind them 120 tons of rubbish – which suggests to me that they’re only pretending to care about the environment. The BBC loves the global warming myth and won’t hear a word said against it – so that is something else I won’t be debating on the BBC.

Exxon oil has announced that it is going to produce what they call a plant-based renewable fuel. This will use up a gazillion tons of food and help ensure that the plan to starve billions will prove successful. And the mad green pseudo-environmentalists want to stop all fossil fuels – thereby forcing people to move from the country into horrid, tiny, cardboard apartments in smart cities.

The war criminals giving the jabs have apparently been told not to check that the needle is in a blood vessel, though many months ago I warned that injecting the toxic gunk of the covid jab straight into a vein might be more deadly.

Schools are to be equipped with 300,000 carbon dioxide monitors to check that enough doors and windows are open. No one in authority cares about whether or not the kids can breathe through their masks. What will happen when the really cold weather starts and the windows and doors are all wide open?

GPs sent out a letter warning that patients with significant life illnesses are unlikely to be offered hospital admission if they become unwell. The doctors say the best option is to remain at home to be cared for by their family. If they’ve got one. And if the family aren’t self isolating.

The GPs say they’d like to have the conversation in person but there is a risk of their being asymptomatic carriers. That’s odd. The science shows that asymptomatic carriers don’t exist though it now seems possible that people who have been jabbed may become asymptomatic carriers.

Signing a do not resuscitate form will, they say, mean that everyone will know not to call 999 in an emergency.

In Wales, we are told that dentists undertook 350,000 phone and video consultations in the last 18 months. How useless is that? At least with the video consultation you can point to the painful tooth. I bet you a gold filling to a swig of mouthwash that politicians who needed a dentist didn’t have to put up with a chat on the phone.

And while all this is going on, campaigners in Wales are campaigning for a penis to be put onto the red Welsh dragon flag flying on public buildings.

They used to talk of Nero fiddling while Rome burnt.

In future people will talk of those Welsh campaigners demanding that the dragon on their flag be given a penis while their children were slaughtered indiscriminately with the covid jab.

It is, by the way, up to the Government’s advisors to prove that the shots are essential and safe. They cannot do either. We, on the other hand, can prove that the shots are not essential and are killing thousands. This is the killing of the children and people are letting it happen.

GPs complain that they are being abused by patients online. I wonder why that could be. Maybe if they didn’t spend all their time pushing an experimental jab which has already killed thousands and injured millions they might be more loved.

The British Government now has over 500 million shots on order. Those who laughed when I said they’d eventually be giving the jabs monthly might like to stop laughing and think again.

The covid jab isn’t like a drug with nasty side effects which go away when you stop taking it. When you have had the covid-19 shot your body is changed and there is much potential for damage. No one knows what risks there are because, as I’ve been saying since last year, this is an experiment. Anyone who tells you that the covid-19 jab is perfectly safe is a lying little shit.

It’s time to get angry.

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Do something every single day. I won’t know if you have – but you will.

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