Worldwide Demonstration 3.0 – 24 July

Click here to watch the Worldwide Rally for Freedom Day in London

  • Saturday 24th July, 1pm, Worldwide Rally for Freedom 3.0, LONDON (joined by Dr Vernon Coleman, Dr Tess Lawrie, David Icke, Gareth Icke, and others; musical performances by D Jukes and Justyna Walker), SCARBOROUGH, HULL, CARDIFF, BRISTOL, PLYMOUTH, CANTERBURY, BIRMINGHAM, MANCHESTER, GLASGOW (Glasgow Green at the Olympic Monument), DUBLIN, BELFAST, NORWICH, LEEDS, JERSEY and across the world!


  • LONDON rally: meet at TRAFALGAR SQUARE, 1pm. After the speeches there will be a march.


Print out leaflets to give to people on the streets:

United we say NO to a vaccine pass, NO to mandatory vaccination, NO to coercion and dictatorship!

We insist on freedom of speech and freedom of movement, which are our given birth rights. Nobody can coerce anyone into taking a medication, without informed consent. This is declared in the Nuremberg Code.