Too Many People Still Think It Is an Exaggeration to Talk of a Digital Future

Dr Vernon Coleman’s Wednesday Review – Episode One, 10/11/2021

Transcript: The good news, which we all need, is that more people are waking up to the covid fraud. All around the world the number of people who understand that covid was never any more than the rebranded flu is rising every day. And those people are angry because they know they’ve been lied to. They’re also angry at being coerced into taking a jab that doesn’t do what they’ve been told it does. And they know that the damned jab will kill or maim millions and is now almost certainly the most toxic drug ever made – it makes napalm look as harmless as breakfast cereal. In the UK, the Government says the death rate is 28 times higher than for flu jabs. And you won’t be surprised to hear that although this is an experiment, no one seems to be keeping proper records of the adverse events. It would have been easy to do and would have cost less than the price of the fuel for Biden’s motorcade in Glasgow.

The not such good news is that many of those who have recently woken up to the covid fraud still don’t accept that the fraud is part of something much bigger and that, together with the lies and manipulations associated with the global warming fraud, it is going to lead us, via the much promoted great reset, into a new normal which will mean the end of everything – everything – we hold sacred and human. Too many people still think it is an exaggeration to talk of a digital future in which, to repeat Schwab’s infamous phrase, `you will own nothing and be happy’. People realize the politicians and their advisors are lying but they don’t like to think just how much they are lying.

However, a couple of days ago I spotted a piece of evidence which proves the truth of everything I’ve been saying about the horrors of a cashless society and the introduction of a system of social credits which will lead to our being totally controlled. By the way, the UK’s food czar, Henry Dimbleby, wants a long-term tax on meat and meat products and the Government has said it plans to reduce the consumption of all animal products – including, so I’ve heard, bringing in legislation limiting the consumption of milk to three teaspoonfuls a day.

You may not know that the Bank of England and HM Treasury in the UK is now preparing a UK digital currency to replace cash – and to enable them to know what you are buying, and where and when you are buying it. The new system is being designed to enable the tax authorities to take money out of your account so that all your taxes and fines are all paid automatically. All this is being done under the auspices of, and with the encouragement of the Bank of International Settlements, which is very keen on central banks creating digital currencies. It was the Bank of International Settlements which helped fund the Nazis in World War II. If you want the proof just take a look at my book on the subject – The Shocking History of the EU – in which I pointed out that without the BIS there would have been no Second World War and there would be no European Union. The BIS is mega powerful and it is clearly a big player in the Great Reset and the plans for the new normal.

It’s pretty clear that this is part of the social credit program, whereby the authorities will be able to punish or reward you according to your behavior. You know what I mean, I hope. If you buy sugary food or meat you will be punished by not being able to travel. If you access the wrong websites or mix with the wrong people you will be punished by being denied access to certain shops selling luxuries such as food and clothing. It’s already happening in China and it’s coming here. It’s an extension of the vax passport scheme. Without a digital passport you won’t exist. You’ll be like a citizen in the USSR or the Eastern Bloc, trying to exist without papers.

Am I exaggerating?

Not a bit of it. And here’s the killer.

The Bank of England and UK Government says that their new digital money will be programmable.

And what do they mean by that?

Well, in their words, and this how they are planning to sell the new currency to the millions who have accepted social distancing, masks, lockdowns and the experimental jab, parents who give their children pocket money will be able to, quote, `program the money so that it couldn’t be used for sweets’.

That’s not me talking. Well, it is but you know what I mean. That’s the Bank of England talking.

Parents will be able to program the new digital currency so that it can’t be used to buy sweets.

If that doesn’t make you go cold inside then you need to stop this video and think about it for a moment.

The digital currency parents will give to children will be the same digital currency that you will receive as part of your universal basic income. It’s what your employer will pay you in. It’s what your pension or your dividends will be paid in. All automatically put into your bank account and registered in your digital passport.

Those who think that cash is old-fashioned and that digital currencies are wonderful might like to think about all this.

The UK Government is also setting up a Single Customer Account for us all that will `remove some of their administrative burden by enabling third parties, such as banks and pension providers, to pass on information regarding tax automatically to HMRC.’ (HMRC is the tax office in the UK.) Once that is done, as I said, HMRC will take what it thinks it is owed from your digital account. `To make life simpler,’ they say. Remember, the Britons rejected Blair’s ID cards? Well, this is ID cards on steroids.

Social credit is coming and coming fast. Anyone who denies that is either stupid, ignorant or lying.

Remember – back in March 2020, I warned you that they were planning three things: targeting the elderly and killing many because of pension and health care costs, introducing mandatory vaccination and getting rid of cash. As a direct result of that warning, my 50 year career was trashed and within days I was lied about and described as a discredited conspiracy theorist.

Three out of three predictions looks like 100% to me.

It’s the 10th November and this is the first of my new series of Wednesday Review videos. I’m delighted that everyone who saw it loved the trailer.

I did think of making some dramatic changes to the presentation. Doing the whole programme in French or standing up instead of sitting down. But, I’m still here in my chair and unless you’re watching a translation this is in English.

I hope you’re not expecting loads of guests, because there aren’t any. None. No zoom interviews. Just me, a good many facts and a faithful old clipboard. Same old clipboard. Every Wednesday at 7pm UK time.

What is new is the fact that I’m going to try to deal with everything important that’s happened in the last week or so – especially news stories and topics that have been generally missed. I’m going to look behind what’s been happening and find explanations. I’m also going to deal with big non-covid medical stories occasionally. And at the end of future programmes, I’m planning to answer some questions – when there is time.

The format isn’t particularly new, of course. I did the same sort of programme 40 years ago when I became network television’s first agony uncle in the UK. Unbelievably, and this is my confession for the week, the programmes were made for the BBC, and the Radio Times printed my photo and said nice things about me.

I confess I presented several series for the BBC when I was a lad.

Even worse than working for the BBC, I have to admit that when I was a teenager I wrote for The Guardian – really. I did some play reviews from Switzerland. The Guardian also serialized my first book in the 1970s. Then I grew up and all was well. That’s a real guilty secret that Wikipedia hasn’t yet discovered. Not that they’ll use it, of course, because it’s true.

And I wrote the agony column for one of the Sunday tabloids for ten years. I resigned when the editor refused to let me criticize Blair’s decision to start an illegal war against Iraq.

The reason for the new format, with a weekly programme at a regular time, is that everything is changing very quickly now – quicker than at any time in the last 20 months. And we’re entering a very crucial phase – the switchover from the covid fraud into the global warming fraud. Digital passports will be here very soon – not vaccine passports but digital passports.

After nearly 300 videos in 20 months, a fixed weekly time gives me a deadline and it enables you to know where to look for the new videos – it’s no fault of Brand New Tube but the notifications to subscribers sometimes get hacked and suppressed.

You can tell this is a crucial time we’re living through because the enemy, the global elite in charge of the great reset, is making every effort to suppress the truth.

For example, I recently did an hour long interview with Steve Pollard of Awakened Pages. Steve put the interview on his YouTube channel and it was taken down within hours. Nothing odd about that. YouTube banned me from making more videos and has taken down dozens of my old videos because they didn’t contain any misinformation. They’ve taken down videos within 15 minutes of them being put up. When I put up a gentle video which didn’t mention covid or jabs and which didn’t break any of their misinformation only rules, they took down 15 videos which were over a year old. I thought it was a message. It seemed spiteful.

I then put the interview, which is in audio only, on BrandNewTube where it was constantly hacked into and suppressed. If you want to listen to the interview, by the way, Muhammad Butt has got it back onto BrandNewTube and it’s available also on my website That website gets around 2,000 hacking attempts every month but when I last looked it was still there. The hacking and suppression is getting so bad that I’m thinking of cutting out the middleman and calling my next video ‘Bad Gateway 404’.

So, I’m going to deal with the news behind the news and examine the lies and the misinformation. There will be some questions and, if I’m feeling exceptionally kind and warm-hearted, there will be some answers.

Every week I aim to find stuff that isn’t being reported elsewhere but which needs talking about. It’s time for us all to up our game.

That’s enough of an introduction. Now let’s get to more nitty gritty.

One of the big stories of the last few days has been the way that the authorities everywhere have struggled to suppress the news about children and young people dying from the killer experimental jabs. They’re doing everything they can to hide the truth because they want to get as many people jabbed before it becomes impossible to suppress the evidence.

They’re normalizing strokes and heart attacks in children when you only have to look at the official government figures to see what’s happening. Media doctors and commentators who have steadfastly defended their governments are now trashing the official death and injury figures because they are so horrific. I saw an advert on a bus announcing that children get strokes. Yes they do, and we can thank the jabs for most of those. There is a concerted campaign to get defibrillators put into all schools because of the number of children dying of heart attacks. When did you ever hear of anyone wanting defibrillators in all schools? Can parents and teachers really not see the connection with the jabs – or are they being deliberately and conveniently stupid? Parents who agree to have their children given an entirely experimental and unnecessary jab should be arrested. The idea of giving this pointless but toxic rubbish to five-year-olds is so obscene that neither Genghis Khan nor Attila the Hun would have considered it acceptable.

Incidentally, it’s been reported that close to 80% of schools have been targeted by what the enemy calls anti-vaxxers providing facts and information. Keir Starmer, leader of the almost invisible Labour Party in the UK said it’s sickening. And for once I agree with him. Why were the other 20% missed? What’s going on? Why were only 80% of schools given the truth about these jabs?

One of the most consistent features of this global fraud has been the complete lack of any sense of irony among the maniacs in charge.

I found an interview with the Welsh first minister. Someone called Drakeford who seems to me to have adopted a position not dissimilar to that of a droit de seigneur.

This is what he said, word for word: ‘people are entitled to protest, they are not entitled to do it in a way that causes other people to feel that they are being targeted or that has taken advantage of their vulnerability. When it comes to harassment you have to see it through the eyes of the person who is affected not through the eyes of the person who is protesting even if it wasn’t the intention to frighten people or to make them feel that they had been targeted that is what people felt and that is completely unacceptable.’

This from a government minister who is part of a corrupt system which has in London psy-op specialists advising it on how best deliberately to frighten people and harass people and target people in order to coerce them into doing what the Government wants them to do – to accept an experimental jab that does not do what most people believe it is does and which is now acknowledged even by governments to be one of the most dangerous and toxic medicinal substances ever foisted on any population – all to not stop you getting a disease which I have proved, using the Government’s own figures, is no more dangerous than the flu and is indeed merely a rebranded version of the annual flu.

You may have seen, by the way, that a secret and suppressed government paper reported that the Government had been very successful in manipulating people into accepting lockdowns and masks. The Government’s Behavioural Insights team use totalitarian methods to scare people, and at one point the Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviours apparently warned that not enough people felt sufficiently personally threatened by covid. I dealt with the brainwashing techniques used in a video which YouTube took down well over a year ago. The video entitled ‘You’ve been brainwashed – here’s how they did it’ appeared on May 26th 2020, with the help of my friend Dr Colin Barron. You can find the transcript in my book Covid 19 The Greatest Hoax in History – which was banned everywhere for containing facts but which you can obtain free of charge on both my websites.

The result of all the propaganda is that people have been deliberately made stupid, docile and compliant and the Government boasts that they now just need the right sort of propaganda to persuade the compliant to accept the global warming fraud.

As I said 20 months ago, covid-19 is just a flu with a very good marketing people behind it. And very profitable too. Pfizer, one of the world’s most corrupt companies for years, expects its 2021 covid jab sales to reach $36 billion and in 2022 they’re expecting $29 billion, though they actually admit they are hoping for much better than that. And they also expect the ‘market for covid-19 vaccines to be durable and to continue generating sales for years to come’. The shares went up more than 5% on the announcement so Bill Gates will be able to afford an even bigger yacht next time. The one he’s got only cost $644 million and what can you get for that sort of money these days?

Talking of Pfizer, the CEO is quoted as saying that people who spread misinformation about vaccines are criminals.

For once I agree with a drug company employee. He’s right. The police should arrest all politicians, all medical advisors, thousands of doctors and journalists, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the entire staff of the BBC.

The arrogance of politicians is utterly staggering. Governments have deliberately and systematically created fear to terrify and manipulate and they have built their campaigns on lies and misinformation. But when honest, caring citizens stand up to try to help others who have been cheated and lied to then they are attacked.

Politicians all around the world will find themselves in disgrace, in court and in prison when this fraud is concluded.

It’s not just children who are dying, of course. I’ve lost count of the number of professional sportsmen who’ve died after having the jabs. There’s a long list on my websites under the heading ‘Updated: How many are the vaccines killing?’. Anyone who still doubts should read it and weep. Perfectly fit athletes, many of whom have passed stringent medical exams, suddenly drop dead after being jabbed. All coincidences.

I warned months ago that no one who’d been jabbed should undergo strenuous exercise – ever. But that was laughed at, of course. As predicted, it is clear that many of the jabbed, previously healthy, now have weak hearts and damaged immune systems.

Moreover, the immune systems of the jabbed are now so poor that they have effectively got no immune system. Footballers and other sports people who refuse the jab are the wise ones. As I have predicted for nearly a year there will be mass deaths during the winter – especially when the pathogenic priming problem really kicks in.

Now they’re trying to explain all the deaths among young people by claiming that there is a global army of mad jabbers going round sticking needles into people for no discernible reason. The mad jabbers are at it in America and Europe and everywhere else.

For once the media is right there is a craze for jabbing innocent people. There is a global army of mad jabbers going round sticking needles into people to kill them

But the mad jabbers aren’t sex crazed fiends or invading Martians. The mad jabbers are called doctors and nurses, and the syringes contain the wicked and experimental covid-19 poison. Look at the video I produced in December 2020 – it listed the side effects which are now being ignored or dismissed as irrelevant. And if you’re feeling brave look at the videos I made about lies on the BBC.

The mainstream media is also claiming now that the official government records of deaths and injuries caused by the jabs are unreliable. They think everything else the Government says is right. But the lists of deaths and injuries are wrong and we shouldn’t take any notice of them. That’s called the pick’n’mix style of journalism and that marks a new low. I expect they’ll find ways to go even lower.

Those of you who’ve been with me throughout this terrifying adventure will remember that it was nearly a year ago that I first warned that the covid jabs would cause myocarditis, pericarditis, heart attacks, blood clots and all the rest of the dangerous side effects. You’ll remember too that when there was talk of giving the toxic junk to children, the BBC told the world that the jabs were perfectly safe and that there had been no deaths and no serious adverse events in children. The BBC clearly regards myocarditis as about as significant as a hangnail but not as bad as a verruca. Even death is probably just a slightly annoying irritation. The BBC, financial partner with the widely reviled Bill Gates, and itself, for many, the poster child for fraud and corruption, should have lost its charter there and then. The fact that the BBC still exists is a disgrace.

Don’t break the law but if you live in the UK for heaven’s sake don’t pay their wretched licence fee because if you do, it just encourages lies, deceit, fraud and old-fashioned perfidy.

There is still talk of mandatory vaccinations but the enemy is beginning to lose this fight. In the US, a court has blocked Biden’s evil mandatory vaccination plan.

It’s often forgotten, by the way, that Biden and the US Democrats may be very lefty but they still haven’t closed down Guantanamo have they? They may be wokey but they are still enthusiastic supporters of torture.

I hope the CIA don’t hear that bit or they’ll call me a conspiracy theorist again.

And in the UK, there are so many NHS employees who are refusing to be jabbed with the experimental kill shot that the Government has had to delay its mandatory jab plan. It’s difficult to know how many have refused but it’s around 10%. There are 103,000 NHS employees who are happy for patients to be given the jab but who won’t take it themselves, and most of them are too cowardly to speak out in protest. Some brave ones have spoken out and, predictably, been silenced and monstered. But most have stayed silent. NHS staff have been given until April 2022 to get jabbed which will be mandatory except for those who are exempt. My guess is that 103,000 of them will decide they’re exempt. They could all sign exemption forms for one another.

Inevitably, the monstrous Hancock came out of a hole in the ground to do what he does best – to spread some terminological inexactitudes.

This is what he said: ‘Medicine is founded on science and the science of the covid vaccine is comprehensively proven.’

Let’s just stop that for a moment.

He is talking about a jab which, it is widely agreed, doesn’t stop people getting covid and doesn’t stop them spreading it. And he is talking about a jab which government figures in the US and the UK shows has resulted in thousands of people dying after being jabbed. Heaven knows how many have been seriously disabled.

Hancock goes on to say that mandatory jabs are essential and he claims that mandatory vaccination already exists in the UK because, and I quote, `we already mandate vaccination against hepatitis B for doctors’.

Not surprisingly, that’s not exactly true.

If Hancock were to look at his own government’s website, he’d find that medical staff are offered a jab but it is not mandatory.

Here’s what it says on

‘Healthcare workers for whom hepatitis B vaccination is contra-indicated, who decline vaccination or who are non-responders to vaccine should be restricted from performing EPPs unless shown to be non-infectious.’

An EPP is an exposure prone procedure.

And just for completeness, here’s a quick definition of ‘mandatory’: ‘compulsory’.

And the NHS definition of an EPP is: an invasive procedure where there is a risk that injury to the worker may result in the exposure of the patient’s open tissues to the blood of the worker.

So Britain does not have compulsory vaccination for hepatitis B for doctors. I can think of scores of medical jobs which wouldn’t require a hepatitis B vaccination. Psychiatry for example.

Finally, Hancock also says that patients with cancer will be at risk if they are treated by an un-jabbed nurse.

He says: ‘Imagine the cancer patient, already battling another deadly disease, being cared for by a nurse. Who can put their hand on their heart and say they’d be happy to tell that patient their nurse could have the vaccine but has chosen against all scientific and clinical advice to ignore it.’

Well, first of all patients with cancer will be lucky to get within a mile of a nurse, since Hancock’s lockdowns have condemned thousands of cancer patients to die untreated. He really should keep quiet about cancer patients.

Second, Hancock should study the booklet published by the NHS. The science shows that the jabs don’t stop anyone getting covid or passing it on if they’ve got it. So un-jabbed nurses are technically no more dangerous than the jabbed variety.

It’s the other way round.

There is convincing evidence that jabbed individuals will be more likely to catch infections, have few or slight symptoms in the beginning and then pass on the infection. I dealt with all those risks in a number of previous videos which are all still available and can be accessed on BrandNewTube and

Nor did the disgraced former minister Hancock remember to mention that 11,600 people caught the rebranded flu in hospital and died. That’s a massive proportion of the real total and simply proves the uselessness of social distancing and masks now being practiced everywhere in hospitals.

Whenever I think of Hancock, the word moron springs to mind and just won’t go away until I realize that compared to Hancock, morons are intellectual giants. I wonder if Hancock can dress himself, feed himself or tie his own shoelaces. He probably needs an advisor to blow his nose for him.

He also forgot to mention by the way that more than 2,000 fully jabbed and otherwise well over 70-year-olds allegedly died from covid-19 in the last month. Very effective jab, eh?

Moreover, those who have been jabbed now need to avoid all sources of infection. They should avoid crowds and they shouldn’t mix with people with infections. Remember the warnings I’ve repeatedly given about pathogenic priming. Remember too that masks are useless. Vitamin D and zinc may help.

And then there’s Boris Johnson, the UK’s sleaze specialist. Ordinary mortals are told they must wear a mask if entering a hospital – even if they are exempt and likely to collapse if they wear one. But the other day Boris just wandered around a hospital without one.

I can’t review the week without mentioning the global warming shenanigans in Glasgow where thousands of people in sandals turned up to say that whatever it is they’re getting isn’t good enough. Around 400 private jets brought hundreds of hypocrites into Scotland. The European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen being one of them. She uses private jets like most people use shoes and recently took one trip of 31 miles by private plane. The Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior boat cruised into Scottish waters – using its diesel power. Some of the boat is made of aluminium and they reportedly cook food on a gas stove.

A small crowd of sandal and anorak owners chained themselves to a bridge on Sunday because stopping the traffic is a really good way to make sure motorists use up more diesel and pollute the atmosphere a bit more. The bridge had to be closed. The police arrested 22 people and because they were all politically correct and woke and wearing sandals and masks, the BBC reported that the police had praised the marchers as being good-natured which is a polite way of saying simple-minded. When an interviewer asked a crowd of demonstrators what they wanted, a spokes-child said they were demanding beans on toast, strawberry ice cream and no school on Friday and that they would stay where they were unless it started to rain.

I couldn’t help wondering what the 25,000 delegates who’d flown in had eaten for lunch each day. They couldn’t have anything cooked on a gas stove because gas is verboten. And they couldn’t have anything cooked with electricity because most of the electricity in the UK is obtained from burning oil or coal or bits of wood. And they couldn’t have a log fire because we can’t burn trees. And they couldn’t have anything brought in from outside because that would involve lorries – and then you’re back to diesel fuel.

You can imagine the conversation can’t you.

‘Would you like a slice of raw beetroot to go with your lettuce leaves, Mr Obama? They were grown locally, in Ms Sturgeon’s allotment, and brought in on her bicycle.’

‘Will there be enough to go round?’

‘Ah, yes, well perhaps I’d better take back one of your lettuce leaves for Greta. She’s a growing girl. Would you like a cup of acorn coffee later?’

Fat chance. I’d bet they had caviar flown in from Russia, Lamb flown from New Zealand and champagne from France. And some swedes of course.

The COP26 nonsense, which is still going on, really does win a host of gold medals and silver cups for hypocrisy, virtue signaling, self-satisfaction and an astonishing ability to ignore all the facts while painting your face and marching around with a badly painted and rather soggy poster.

Getting everyone to net zero, as has been promised will cost over $130 trillion. That’s around £20,000 for every person on earth – including all the children and babies in Africa who literally don’t have the proverbial pot. It will cost £98 billion to get every property in London to net zero. At least 200,000 homes will have to be torn apart, re-insulated, fitted with new heating systems and so on. All 33 local authorities in London have approved the plan. The official line is that no one knows who is going to pay for it but I can tell you: you and I are.

One other climate change story is that Britain is spending £3 billion on doing stuff for global warming in developing countries including subsidising the manufacture of electric cars in India. British taxpayers might be amused to know that India, the recipient of all this largesse, spent $2.48 billion on nuclear weapons in 2020. So if our generous cheques don’t arrive on time they can bomb the shit out of us.

I did have a pile of Questions to Answer but I’m afraid there isn’t time. I’ll make room next week. I want to explain why the women getting enthusiastic about HRT are wrong – the only people who will benefit are, as usual, the drug companies, and why I think the heavily promoted PSA test is worse than useless. I’ll deal with those next week.

In coming weeks I’ll be answering questions about exosome theory, germ theory and terrain theory, looking back at Bossche – the vaccine guy not the painter – explaining why lawyers are making things worse, dealing ruthlessly with the fact-checkers, excoriating lefty, woke Facebook which suppresses the truth and silences all debate under the watchful eyes of people who like to think they know better.

Facebook, like YouTube only allows misinformation to be published on its site. The truth is as lethal as a sharpened wooden stake to Zuckerberg and company.

And for fun I’ll be naming and shaming some of the people who have libelled me in the last year and are on my ‘to be sued’ list.

I could make a programme once a day for 150 years and never run out of things to tell you about. But once a week on Wednesdays at 7 pm will do for now.

Thank you for all the kind and very encouraging comments. One very kind viewer said he hoped I kept going for another ten years. I was hoping for more to be honest, though I hope we’ve won this war long before then and I can make videos that are more fun.

Oh and thank you to the members of the 77th brigade, the UK Government’s psy-op team, who managed to press the down-thumb button several times on a trailer. Since they didn’t bother to watch it they presumably didn’t realise it was just a trailer. Still, extra rations to them for dedication to duty.

Meanwhile, I’m being heavily suppressed for the crime of telling the truth. No one will debate with me because they know darned well that they’d lose – not because I think I’m good at debating but because I’ve got all the facts and at the end all they’ll be left with will be a red face. It’s safer to just silence me and tell lies about me.

Please help by spreading these videos far and wide. If you’re worried about losing your twitter or your facebook page by putting a link to a video just tell people to take a look for themselves. Remember, everything I’ve predicted for 20 months has come true. The evidence is all still available on my websites and on Brand New Tube.

It’s taken me a week to research and write this video so I’m stopping now so that I can have the evening off before I start working on next week’s Wednesday Review.

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