Toxic by Design: Big Pharma Experts Speak Out

Two highly experienced pharmaceutical professionals, with very different careers in the industry, are drawn together as their individual knowledge and research shows that both governments and the industry are not telling the truth about Covid-19 vaccine safety.

Brian Gerrish and Debi Evans are delighted to be able to bring to our viewers and listeners a fascinating, though profoundly troubling, interview with Alexandra (Sasha) Latypova, a former pharmaceutical industry executive who has worked with many companies including Pfizer. Brian and Debi are also joined by Hedley Rees, who kindly facilitated this interview with Sasha.

Sasha Latypova, originally from Ukraine, has been living in the USA since the 1990s. After founding a number of successful companies focusing on clinical trial reviews, she decided to sell her companies and retire to concentrate on her art.

When the World Health Organisation declared a coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, it was not long before Sasha started to realise—prompted by the obviously bogus discrediting of hydroxychloroquine—that all the safeguards and good manufacturing practice that we all rely on to deliver us safe and effective pharmaceuticals had been abandoned in order to roll out mRNA experimental novel ‘vaccines’. She embarked upon research of thousands of papers and huge amounts of data.

After accessing and studying US Department of Defense contracts for Covid-19 vaccinations, therapeutics and diagnostics, Sasha Latypova soon discovered that Pfizer and Moderna had effectively formed a cartel whose contracts were being treated as military and who, as such, were released from all liability, as long as those involved followed commands under the PREP Act, which lays the framework for American emergency preparedness.

It has been observed by many pharmaceutical industry commentators in recent years that the Big Pharma brands do little more than marketing nowadays, leaving the manufacture of the hundreds of basic components of their branded products to complicated nests of much more obscure companies. Sasha Latypova sets out in this interview how the Pentagon planned, owned, co-ordinated with—in her opinion, deceived—and controlled hundreds of companies who were contributing to the production and manufacture of what she asserts are chemical weapons. Her no-nonsense account and tour of the evidence will not fail to shock and educate our audience. mRNA platforms are here to stay and will continue to harm and kill those who offer their bodies up for them. Sasha has given her frank testimony on many occasions, and has provided evidence to the German Corona Investigative Committee.

Her testimony is essentially this: the safeguards, checks and regulations that the public rely on to keep them safe from harm have been removed in the name of Covid. A prototype (defined in the pharmaceutical industry, as in other industries, as a usually working model of a new product, or new version of an existing product) for each brand’s Covid injection was manufactured under a US Department of Defense prototype agreement, and as such has no accountability or requirement for safety or efficacy.

We learn about the substantial variations in toxicity between different batches of Covid injection fluid, and the inability of pharmaceutical companies to manufacture mRNA platforms in the quantities required to jab the world. Sasha Latypova makes her case for concluding that the manufacturers and pharmaceutical brands have colluded to commit what she refers to as “regulatory and manufacturing fraud”. By analysing the USA’s VAERS database of serious adverse reaction data, which is far more satisfactory a tool than the UK MHRA’s equivalent Yellow Card data, she has discovered that no one knows for sure what they will be injected with or how toxic it will be; it is a lottery. (UK Column has previously interviewed Christine Cotton of France on the VAERS data.)

Sasha talks to UK Column with exemplary fortitude about what she has discovered through her unflagging research, including the dangers to pregnant women, lactating mothers and their babies.

Hedley Rees (previously interviewed by UK Column) is Managing Consultant at PharmaFlow Limited, a UK-based consultancy specialising in operations and supply chain management in the life sciences. He has over 35 years’ experience in industrial engineering, logistics and supply chain management and previously held senior positions at Bayer UK and British Biotech, amongst others. Hedley explains in this interview how he has discovered that the mRNA ‘vaccines’ should never have been frozen for storage, and why not.

Safety signals are being ignored, batches are not being recalled despite being flagged by authorities. In Orange County, California, in 2021, a Moderna Covid vaccine batch produced an excess number of serious adverse reactions, leading to many deaths. The warning that this triggered was ignored.

With so much information buried in this deep seam of knowledge, this interview is just a taster. Sasha has kindly agreed to talk to us again and to reveal more. We thank both Sasha and Hedley for shining a light on an area that most of us would not even know exists: how a ‘vaccine’ is born.

Sasha Latypova supplied UK Column with the following text to accompany her interview:

Here, on the US regulator FDA’s website, is the presentation to which I refer just after 45 minutes into the interview: the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory. Committee October 22, 2020 Meeting Presentation by Robert Johnson PhD. The organizational chart is on p.12 [internal numbering, equivalent to p. 11 in PDF file page numbering], and then on p.17 they display the “portfolio”, which is in fact much larger and more versatile than they show.

For example, here, under the umbrella name of the Medical CBRN Defense Consortium, are all the companies, universities and non-profit organizations that the US Department of Defense can currently contract with under Other Transactional Authority (i.e., making military “prototypes”) within the military consortium for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear “countermeasures” (which I interpret as weapons).

(Source: UK Column News)