Treating Covid Injection Injuries

By Robyn Chuter

As the experimental covid-19 injection body count piles up, the need to develop effective therapies for the ever-growing laundry list of injuries is becoming increasingly urgent.

Yet people who have suffered such injuries face almost insurmountable barriers to receiving treatment within our existing “sick care” system:

  • Getting symptoms recognised as adverse reactions to COVID-19 injections is virtually impossible, as doctors and other health care providers are either too frightened of incurring backlash from their regulatory bodies, or in total denial that the jabs could be causing harm.
    Even if doctors had the guts and integrity to acknowledge that many of their patients’ new-onset health problems were directly caused by COVID-19 injections, research on how to treat injection injuries is not being funded. There are no articles in medical journals on how to treat injection-induced neurological damage or autoimmune diseases; the AMA is not running CME courses on how to help patients with post-jab runaway cancers or herpes infections; and there are no medical conferences in exotic locations on how to help people who have had crippling fatigue or all-over body pain since their shot. Hence most doctors have no idea how to help people with injection-related illnesses, even if they wanted to.
  • The structure of the sick-care system is already ill-suited to treating people with complex multisystem health problems: Just ask any person with a chronic illness what it’s like to try to distil their entire medical history into a 15 minute GP consultation, and then to navigate between the (frequently conflicting) advice and multiple prescriptions of their neurologist, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, gynaecologist and umpteen other -ologists whom the GP refers them to, none of whom are remotely interested in any symptoms occurring outside the body part they specialise in. You can multiply that chaos and confusion by one thousand-fold when it comes to addressing jab injuries.
  • There’s a very real threat that the jab-injured may be shut out of Australia’s supposedly universal healthcare system, if they fail to stay “up to date” with their prescribed injections. I have heard multiple anecdotal reports of hospitals refusing to provide maternity services to unjabbed pregnant women even when dangerous complications arose during labour, and GP practices shutting their doors to unjabbed patients. Recently, one of my clients disclosed that she was informed she could not receive treatment for breast cancer unless she submitted to the covid-19 injection regime; she reluctantly assented to the first two shots but is now being told that unless she accepts a booster shot, her ongoing treatments will be cancelled. (…)

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