Truckers on the Go

Poem by Ziad Alzoghbi

In Canada the Truckers brave the snow
Knights in shining armour on the go
Michael, Mary, David, Ruth and Joe
All singing the mandate must go
Trudeau scurried to hide down below
The world has seen many a lying Trudeau
All their mandates the Truckers will blow

In peaceful protest the numbers will grow
East and West the road to Freedom will go
In England nurses and doctors protested so
In France the Vests rose in their dazzling yellow
Their song the whole world will know
Set millions of hearts aglow

In Flanders Fields long long ago
McCrae saw the poppies row on row
Today the Truckers take up the fight with the foe
Mother Nature blessed them and put on a show
The rivers of Canada will never cease to flow
This spring a new dawn will show

We are all Truckers on the go
We are all Truckers on the go

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