Truth to Be Told – Covid Vaccine Injured Awareness Events Across the UK

Covid Vaccine Victim Awareness Month:

  • Sheffield, 3 January 2023
  • Edinburgh, 7 January 2023
  • Birmingham, 14 January 2023
  • Bristol, January 2023
  • London, January 2023
  • Manchester, January 2023

Covileaks writes: The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness about the damage, including life changing injuries and fatalities as a direct result of the COVID-19 Vaccines; with a view to support various groups in their missions and campaigns. We need to change the public perception that is a result of mainstream media suppression of facts.

Most importantly we intend to give a voice to the injured and bereaved. Here you will find information on our COVID Vaccine Victim Awareness Month and how you can get involved.

Download flyers here: