Tucker Carlson Fired for Exposing Corruption of Liars

Speaking publicly for the first time since his seismic firing by Fox News, Tucker Carlson indicated in a Wednesday night video release that he was indeed dismissed for presenting on “the undeniably big topics, the ones that will define our future,” which — through corporate collusion with both political parties and their donors — “are not permitted in the American media.”

When such important debates are presented, as on “war, civil liberties, emerging science, demographic change, corporate power, [and] natural resources,” these “people in charge” become “hysterical and aggressive,” abandoning persuasion and “resorting to force,” said Carlson, who hosted the highest-rated cable news show in history.

In recent years, Carlson appears to have gained insight about how to identify the fundamental priorities of the establishment. In his March 14 broadcast, he said if the left “become completely hysterical when confronted with any facts that deviate from their lies,” media figures can know they have breached the owners’ permissible parameters of debate and should adjust accordingly, or else.

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The Real Reason Tucker Carlson Was Fired By Fox News!

Top-rated Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been abruptly fired from his choice primetime show on the network. Carlson has consistently been the only voice on cable news calling out the war machine, criticizing his fellow media commentators for doing advertisers’ bidding and rejecting claims from Big Pharma. And now he’s gone!

Guest host Aaron Maté and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to special guest Jimmy Dore about the silencing of Tucker Carlson. (The Jimmy Dore Show/YT)