UK Army Under Control of the EU

The mainstream media reported last Friday that “the UK has received the green light to move troops swiftly through Europe”. EU officials have now “unanimously approved the British Army’s application to a Dutch-led initiative that already permits the same for other NATO nations. PESCO involvement will allow the UK to expedite armed forces delivery, but further integrates the country with the bloc.”

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Chris Thrall discusses this with an army veteran: “Our armed forces, for the first time in history, are now being controlled by foreigners in Europe.

What Truss has done, not only has she betrayed the country and the people, she has absolutely betrayed our armed forces.

This is high treason, when you take away a country’s ability to defend itself.”

Listen to the first 6 minutes to learn much of the detail.

Liz Truss Accused Of High Treason For Selling Out UK Military (CHRIS THRALL/YT):