UK Pleads To Indict Russians In the Hague

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Katy-Jo Murfin with Monday’s UK Column News.

Topics in this video:

00:26 – Virtue Signalling For Ukraine

03:29 – UK Pleads To Indict Russians In the Hague

18:50 – Russia’s Profits Keep Flowing

22:01 – Food Insecurity Beckons

25:24 – Questions Regarding the Alleged Russian Military Actions

30:05 – Bill Maher Asks Questions

31:12 – Nicola Sturgeon Advocates Starting WWIII

37:45 – The Royals and the WEF Welcome The Zelenskys

44:42 – Ukrainian First Lady Highlights Russians Killing children

49:37 – The UK’s New Ship Building Strategy? No, not Really

58:33 – Digital Identity Surveillance Regime

01:08:50 – The UK Covid-19 Inquiry – The Establishment Investigates Itself Again

01:14:36 – The All Cause Mortality Smoking Gun

01:20:55 – Raising Concerns About Fluoridation

01:29:32 – And Finally

World War III Part 3 (Hugo Talks /BrandNewTube):

Government Hypocrisy

40 House Democrats signed a 2019 letter asking the State Department to designate Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion as a terrorist organization:

Letter 2019 Dessidnation Azov BattalionLetter 2019 Dessidnation Azov BattalionLetter 2019 Dessidnation Azov Battalion (Source: Australian Review

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