Unvaccinated – a Documentary the BBC Wishes Had Never Aired?

Luca Barbarossa had many questions over the efficacy and safety of the COVID-19 vaccine programme in UK. He agreed to participate in the BBC documentary ‘Unvaccinated’ fronted by Professor Hannah Fry. Luca tells Debi of his experiences as a participant, the failure of the BBC to address vaccine safety issues and of his concerns for the way the BBC conducted the interviews. (UK Column/Rumble)

In a fascinating and significant interview, Luca Barbarossa—one of seven participants in the BBC’s Unvaccinated documentary screened on 20 July 2022—agreed to talk to UK Column for the first time since the programme was aired and to set the record straight about what really happened on and off camera.

Luca describes his stay as like living in a “Big Brother unvaccinated house”, complete with a diary room for the participants to offload any concerns to the production team. What was it like to live with strangers, all with different reasons for not having taken a Covid vaccine and all determined to question the narrative?

A career actor since 2016, Luca Barbarossa has recently appeared in a major bank’s commercial for financial compatibility matchmaking. He is refreshingly open in this interview. Luca is not, and has never been, a ‘crisis actor’, and had only applied to take part in the documentary to address his own concerns about Covid-19 vaccine safety, the serious side effects and the impact the injection has had on his own family. (UK Column – read the full article here: https://www.ukcolumn.org/video/unvaccinated-or-unmasked-bbc-documentary-participant-speaks)