USA: Children Lured into Getting Covid-19 Jab Without the Need of Parental Consent

Schoolchildren are being lured to mass vaccination sites in a school district in Arizona through bribes including free backpacks and school supplies, which children will receive if they get the Covid jab.

Reports coming out of Maricopa County state that a school district there – the Pheonix Union High School District – has been advertising a creepy mass vaccination event named “Spread Love Not COVID Student Edition.”

According to the advertising, the event is targeted at children aged 12 years and older and if these kids attend the vaccination event they will receive a Pfizer Covid-19 jab.

For submitting to the vaccine, the schoolchildren and parents will be offered “free backpacks and other resources” along with their experimental jab: The same Pfizer vaccine that caused 86% of children to suffer an adverse reaction during clinical trials.

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