Vaccination Mandate Was Analogous to Being Offered a Lovely Multi-Coloured Lolly by Someone on the Street

By Tony Mobilifonitis/Cairns News

When long-serving and highly respected surgeon and reproductive specialist Dr Luke McLindon refused an mRNA vaccination last November, the medical establishment pounced and had him terminated from his position at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane.

But with dozens of doctors now “coming out” against the Covid narrative, so-called medical authorities in organisations like Ahpra (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority), will have big problems on their hands.

Dr McLinden recently spoke at length with Graham Hood on his Club Grubbery on social media. Hood said “dozens of doctors” were now approaching his group. McLinden had sounded warnings to pregnant women about potential miscarriages following mRNA shots. His personal research revealed pregnancy losses in up to 74% of the vaccinated women in his practice – 4.6 to 14.8 times higher than typical normal rates of loss which range from 5 to 16% (58 – 69% above typical losses).

Dr McLinden says pregnant women were omitted from the vaccine trial process. “On the whole the vaccine was not investigated in such a way that would allow us, hand on heart, to say ‘yes, this is fine we can vaccinate pregnant women or women of reproductive age, even.” A doctor colleague had lodged FOI requests tried three times without success to get relevant data on ovary histology from medical authorities.

“So that only tells me one thing – they’re either don’t have any information at all, which is culpable, or that they do have the information and don’t want us to know, and that’s still sitting with the Information Commissioner. So, the challenge now is how do I tell my patients ‘it’s fine’?”

Despite this, the College of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians came out in August 2021 with a statement saying vaccination during pregnancy was fine at all stages. But one paper provided as back-up had no references for data and another paper was seriously flawed and was admitted as such by the CDC.

The RMIT-ABC “fact checking” service predictably found medical authorities who simply denied there was any danger to pregnant women from mRNA vaccines. But there was no reference to fact-checking by the “fact checkers” of the issues raised by Dr McLinden and his colleagues.

The Australian and New Zealand medical/public health establishment, who rule over more than represent doctors and others, simply could not countenance the “mortal sin” of a leading doctor refusing the vaccine and performing his duty of care and warning against possible dangers of miscarriage from Covid-19 vaccines.

Dr McLindon had good reason to turn down the mandated shots. He worked out, from medical statistics, he only had a one in 287,000 chance of dying from Covid with moderate community spread. He also had a heart condition and knew from emerging reports that myocarditis was a real risk from mRNA vaccinations.

Despite these reasonable, science-based objections, the vice-grip of “correct thinking” and “approved narrative” of his medical masters prevailed. Not even warnings from the likes of The Lancet, one of the leading global medical journals, about the “spin” involved in vaccine safety and efficacy reporting, could influence the crowd of “yes men”. Dr McLindon meanwhile, is taking his dismissal to the High Court of Australia.

And now the public health establishment’s “mRNA vaccines are safe and effective” narrative is falling in a heap with government statistics in the UK and Australia showing the hospitalization rates and Covid deaths soaring among the multiple-vaccinated who make up the vast majority of the population.

TrialSite News reported that in the first 14 weeks of 2022, the number of fatalities related to Covid were double that for the entire pandemic years of 2020 and 2021. And again, the public health establishment and their media sycophants simply ignored the statistics. Like swimmers caught in a rip-tide, they flailed about, clinging to the sinking life raft of the WHO-Gates-Rockefeller-driven global vaccine narrative.

And then, in recent days and weeks, came what should be the two final death blows to the narrative: the US CDC’s total backflip on its Covid guidance, giving vaccinated and unvaccinated people the same status and rejecting the very quarantining they earlier assured us was a vital public health measure while the man overseeing all of this, Dr Anthony Fauci, announced his resignation.

Media reported the resignation almost as a “ho hum” news story and conveniently forgot the controversies around his lies about gain of function research his organisations funded in Wuhan China and the likelihood of lawsuits coming his way.

McLinden told Graham Hood the medical profession and public health authorities would have suffered much less distrust by the public if they had used some “M” for moderation instead of “M” for mandates in their approach to Covid treatment. Instead, they applied the “one size fits all solution” in the form of mRNA vaccines.

“Education explores all avenues, indoctrination says there’s just one and they just keep beating it in until you give up, and I say well, what are we submitting to?” McLinden said. He said the situation was analogous to being offered a lovely multi-coloured lolly by someone on the street.

You decline the offer and they say ‘it’s free’. You decline again and they offer you $100 if you take it. Naturally, suspicions are raised, then the lolly pusher pulls out a testimony list of those who like the lollies. And then after refusing again, you walk down the street a little further and find yourself surrounded by three, four or five people saying ‘if you don’t take the lolly you will lose your job!’

“And it’s like, how does that win trust? That’s what we were looking at. This was government domestic violence on a grand scale,” said McLinden. “And the more the stakes went higher the more you have to regard it suspiciously and I’m sorry, but you (public health system) are damaging your trust.” He likened mandated vaccinations to someone rolling up their sleeve and saying ‘assault me’ because the (common law) principle of informed consent was being violated.

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