Vaccine Damage Bill – Organise a National TV Debate

Letter from a reader to his MP:

Dear Mr Davey,

I am one of your Kingston upon Thames constituents.
Could you please liaise with Sir Christopher Conservative MP for Christchurch, please, in order to organise a National TV debate on this following topic?

On Tuesday 29th March 2022 Sir Christopher Chope (“Sir Christopher”), Conservative MP for Christchurch told the House of Commons “This Government’s approach seems to be to try to promote vaccine confidence by covering up the adverse consequences for some of having been vaccinated.”Sir Christopher was speaking in relation to his Private Members Bill—the “Covid-19 Vaccine Damage Bill 2021” (the “Bill”) which is a Bill to require the Secretary of State to establish an independent review of disablement caused by Covid-19 “vaccinations” and the adequacy of the compensation offered to persons so disabled. The Bill will get a second reading on Friday 6th May 2022. I agree with Sir Christopher wholeheartedly—the Government is ignoring those injured and bereaved by the Covid-19 “vaccines” and there is a need for a new vaccine injury bill.

Sir Christopher’s speech included the following points:

“No payments have yet been made…  even in respect of those whom a coroner’s verdict found to have died because of the vaccine. The impatience and frustration of those so affected is now palpable. Having lost their loved ones more than a year ago, some have been badgering the Under-Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, my Hon Friend the Member for Lewes [Maria Caulfield], for action — I am pleased to see her on the Front Bench. I understand that yesterday she blocked vaccine victims on her Twitter account and today she closed her Twitter account completely. This is an indication of the strength of feeling among the public.”

“Those who were in perfect health before their vaccine have encountered too much ignorance and scepticism when seeking medical help. For some, their general practitioner has refused to engage, to the extent that they are made to feel gaslighted, with their physical pain being dismissed or explained away as mental illness. How insulting and humiliating is that and how at odds with the principles of the national health service?”

The “Coronavirus vaccine – weekly summary of the Yellow Card Reporting” which I trust you are familiar with provides details of yellow card reports – each week more adverse events and deaths are reported. Through an organisation, UK Citizen, I am aware of two hundred and fifty (250) formal Covid-19 vaccine injury statements been made and subsequently lodged with the police. In addition, there were many more people who came forward to share their experience of vaccine injury and bereavement, but who were not comfortable filing a formal witness statement. The gaslighting of the Covid-19 “vaccine” injured and bereaved must stop.

The public should have been told, at the outset, that the Covid-19 “vaccines” were (and are) experimental and remain in clinical trial. This did not happen, “informed consent” was consequently not possible – the Government failed the public. Subsequently, the Government used coercive methods to get the public to take the Covid-19 “vaccines” in contravention of the principles of public service as enshrined in the Nolan Principles. Now the Government is failing to recognise that there are adverse effects from the “vaccines” – this is simply unconscionable. The Government must make the public aware of the risks involved in taking the Covid-19 “vaccines”; be transparent about injuries and deaths; and provide care and compensation for those injured or bereaved.

Clause 1(2)(a) of the Bill provides that the review must consider the effectiveness of MHRA in the monitoring of side effects and the NHS and Government response to such monitoring – it is evident from everything stated above that such a review is vital. Sir Christopher’s “Covid-19 Vaccine Damage Bill 2021” must be supported.

Every one does his bits.

Thank you.
Kind regards,