Vaccine-Induced Infertility and Birth Defects

Professor Dr. Hervé Seligmann examined fertility in countries that have high rates of Covid injection uptake compared to those that have not. He published his report on 28 September 2021 which concludes that women’s fertility decreases the more women are “vaccinated.”

Plus, Covid-19 injections were never tested on pregnant women in the clinical studies because it is unethical to put pregnant women through such abuse. As a result, the study designs did not test for mutagenic or reproductive defects.

An article published by America’s Frontline Doctors, ‘Study concludes women’s fertility harmed in vaccinating countries’, reports a summary of Dr. Seligmann’s findings:

  • fertility decreases with female Covid injection rates,
  • of the 127 women who received a Covid injection in the first 20 weeks, 82% resulted in miscarriage,
  • fertility damage should soon appear to be even more severe due to the effect of vaccines on men and pregnancy.


The most heart-breaking of all the harmful and deadly effects of Covid injections are the harms being caused to our precious babies who we all would want to give the best start for long, joyful, and healthy lives.

Commenting on Dr. Seligmann’s study, Yativ notes that the births do not guarantee the health of the babies born to vaccinated parents, and that reports of genetic defects in various places have not been investigated but rather ignored.

When Congenital disorders, also known as birth defects, are registered in adverse event databases it suggests that the drug, or in this case Covid injections, affect fertility and the development of a foetus in the womb.

In there had been 124 congenital disorders post Covid injection reported in the UK’s MHRA Yellow Card system – birth defects which include heart disease, cerebral palsy, foetal malformation, congenital cystic lung, extreme pain disorder, limb reduction defect, cystic fibrosis, and Young’s syndrome.

According to data from the Yellow Card system published by UK Column as at the end of September 2021 there were 164 congenital disorders.

Earlier this month, according to VigiAccess, a World Health Organisation database, there had been 1191 congenital disorders linked to Covid injections. The highest number of reports falling under a factor V Leiden mutation – a genetic disorder that makes it more likely for an individual to develop a blood clot at some point during life.

Recently, some videos of children born to parents who have had a covid injection have been circulating. Although it is not conclusive evidence, it could be a sign to alert us – as it was with the “magnet challenge” – that something is very wrong and our precious babies, our future generations, are at risk.

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