Vernon Coleman: URGENT News about the Covid-19 Vaccine

I have just seen a report from `ACIP Covid-19 Vaccine Work Group at CDC’ in the US. (ACIP stands for Advisory Committee on Immunisation Practices.)

This is a report on anaphylaxis following m-RNA covid-19 vaccine receipt, and the report includes a table headed: ‘V-Safe Active Surveillance for Covid-19 Vaccine’.

The table lists the number of registrants with a recorded first dose by December 18th as 112,807 and the number of Health Impact Events as 3,150.

Health Impact Events are defined as individuals, `unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, required care from doctor or health professional’.

That is 2.79%, and it is within days of receiving the vaccine.

If 60 million people in the UK have the vaccine we can, therefore, expect 1.67 million people to be unable to work, perform normal daily activities and to require care from a doctor or health professional.


You can read the full text here and watch the 4-minute video here.

Here is the ACIP Covid-19 report on Anaphylaxis Following m-RNA Covid-19 Vaccine Receipt

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