Did the ‘First Wave’ Mean the Mass Murder of the Elderly With Midazolam?

In March 2020 the British people were told that they must “stay at home” in order to “protect the NHS” and “save lives”. They were also told that the authorities needed just “three weeks to flatten the curve”.

Why were the British people instructed to stay at home? Because of the threat of a new and emerging virus which we’re told originated in the city of Wuhan, China. A virus which has claimed the lives of 128,000 to date in the United Kingdom, or so we’re told.

But what if we could prove to you that you’ve given up fifteen months and counting of your life due to a lie? But not just any lie, a lie that has involved prematurely ending the lives of thousands upon thousands of people, who you were told died of Covid-19. A lie that has involved committing one of the greatest crimes against humanity in living memory. A lie that has required three things – fear, your compliance, and a drug known as Midazolam…

(…) data taken from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows us that during April 2020 there were 26,541 deaths that occurred in care homes, an increase of 17,850 on the five-year average. This is half the amount of alleged Covid-19 deaths during the same period.

(…) A policy that has been in place prior to the alleged emergence of Covid-19 clearly states that midazolam can be used for sedation, however dosage should be reduced to 0.5mg in the elderly or unwell due to possible side effects which include cardiorespiratory depression, and extreme caution should be used in administering midazolam to patients suffering respiratory disease.

However, a policy created for treating patients allegedly suffering anxiety due to Covid-19, which we’re told is a respiratory disease, clearly states to treat said patient with a starting dose of 2.5mg of Midazolam, or 1.25mg if the patient is “particularly frail”, but to bump this up to 5 – 10mg if the patient is “extremely distressed”. Even the starting dose for the particularly frail is 0.25mg higher than the maximum recommended to administer to the elderly or unwell in sedation guidelines.

Who is responsible for making this decision and publishing these guidelines? And why is nobody holding them to account?

(…) in April 2020 45,033 prescriptions for Midazolam were issued, containing 333,229 items, the vast majority being Midazolam Hydrochloride. That is a 104.91% increase in the number of prescriptions issued for Midazolam and a 93.85% increase in the number of items they contained. But these weren’t issued in hospitals, they were issued by GP practices which can only mean one thing, they were issued for end of life care.

The spikes in production of Midazolam solution match the spikes of alleged Covid deaths within 28 days of a positive test.

(…) The evidence suggests that the Liverpool Care Pathway returned with a vengeance in April 2020 under the direction of the Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Government Advisors and NHS Chiefs, and it looks as if it was used to manipulate you into giving up over one year of your life under the pretence that you were staying at home, to protect the NHS and save lives. But the evidence suggests that in reality you were ordered to stay at home, to protect the NHS, so that they could prematurely end the lives of the elderly and vulnerable and tell you that they were Covid deaths.

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