We Are Being Horribly Abused by Lies, False Propaganda and Suppression of the Truth

By Douglas Brodie

To: First Minister of Scotland, currently Ms Nicola Sturgeon MSP serving out her notice to quit; Mr Drew Hendry, SNP MP for Inverness and Nairn 

Bcc: Family and friends; Various 


My last email of 14th January entitled “Why do so few of the general public smell a rat?” was posted online by Joel, The White Rose, PSI, Exposé News and others and I thank them for their support. Use this to link back to my prior “Family and Friends” postings. 

This post is about the sad reality that a great many people have been subliminally brainwashed by the establishment but they don’t realise it, so they don’t even realise they are being abused. This insidious, all-pervasive brainwashing has been going for years, hugely assisted by the suppression of truth, dissemination of false propaganda and censorship of free speech by the bribed mainstream media (MSM) operating under the Orwellian UK media regulator Ofcom which has just forced vaccine-dissident Mark Steyn out of GB News for refusing to kowtow to the false “safe and effective” Covid vaccine narrative. The good news is that the BBC’s truth-hobbling Trusted News Initiative has been served with an antitrust writ

Many people are vulnerable to being abused by the state because they are too decent and trusting to believe that their seemingly decent politicians would ever act with malign intent against them, which sadly they do all the time at the bidding of their psychopathic globalist overlords. To be generous, many of the “out of the loop” back-benchers among them may only be supporting the abuse because they too have swallowed the false propaganda. As Joseph Goebbels said: “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself. 

As I have posted previously, a war is being waged against us, the people, by the “Uniparty” (qv) politicians in parliament who are supposed to serve us, not dominate us. Neil Oliver also rails against what they are doing and urges everyone to assert their inalienable sovereignty

This post shows how our long-standing rights are being taken from us by the carefully-managed false propaganda, the outright lies, the choreographed suppression of truth and censoring of dissident views used to spin the false political narratives which take so many of us for fools. 

We need to resist them! 

As usual, most of the facts I present are never reported by the corrupt, complicit MSM.  

“Conspiracy Theorists” 

First, an update on my long list of “conspiracy theorists” who have described the Covid vaccines as “bioweapons” or have used the words “murder”, “crimes against humanity” or “genocide” in the context of the Covid “plandemic” (qv) or the Net Zero climate change agenda.  

This brings my total to 94, helped along by Elon Musk’s #TwitterFiles reinstatement of blocked Twitter accounts and the lifting of content-moderation restrictions. It feels as if the dam is starting to crack and the tide is turning, especially with so many lawsuits pending. Suzy is optimistic

Click on the names below to see their anti-establishment testimonies. Perhaps the most significant new entry is Dr David Cartland who has publicly called Boris Johnson a “murderer”, an accusation which would seem to be corroborated by, inter alia, the testimonies of Roddy Duncan and John O’Looney.  

It is notable that no legal actions have so far been announced against their accusers by either Johnson or I’m a Celebrity Matt Hancock (Bob Moran cartoon) who recently was also publicly called a murderer in a possibly staged incident not included in my list. 

Dr Scott W Atlas, senior fellow in health policy 

John Paul Beaudoin Sr, US patriot 

Dr David Cartland, censored truth-telling doctor 

UK crowd, calling out Bill Gates at the recent Brit Awards 

Dr Elizabeth Eads, physician vax truth warrior 

The Vigilant Fox, Substacker 

Calin Georgescu (from 34:00), UN whistle-blower 

Dr Simone Gold, Covid treatment crusader 

Michoel Green (from 29:00), rabbi 

Patrick Henningsen (from 5:30), geopolitical analyst 

Dr Roger Hodkinson, Chairman of Canada RCPS 

Distraught Israeli, mother 

Brook Jackson, Pfizer whistle-blower 

Dr Eashwarran Kohilathas, frontline healthcare worker 

Sasha Latypova, ex-pharma executive 

Dr Tess Lawrie, World Council for Health 

Pascal Najadi, banker prosecuting top Swiss politicians, also here  

Michael O’Bernicia, cancelled comedian 

Dr James E Olsson, biomedical researcher

Dr Toby Rogers, campaigner against Big Pharma mafia 

JP Sears, comedian 

Yaffa Shir-Raz, health journalist 

Dr Gerald Waters, GP 

Dr Sam White, primary care home physician 

Taking us for fools on “climate change” (aka alleged man-made global warming) 

The globally-coordinated lies and skulduggeries which the establishment inflicted on us during their Covid plandemic confirm the reality that “climate change” is also a Trojan Horse false agenda built on a similarly egregious pack of lies, exposed below, aimed not at “tackling climate change” but at repressing the global population and controlling global resources as per the unaccountable UN’s Agenda 2030 and its planned-for totalitarian One-World Government.  

It is now clear why irrefutable expert arguments against their ludicrous climate change policies have all been fobbed-off with such lame excuses for so long. They have been blatantly lying to us about “climate change” for decades. Here is an example of a delusional top climate activist stonewalling on basic climate change questions. Here is Rishi Sunak at COP26 talking about using Net Zero as an excuse to rewire the entire global financial system all ready for their dystopian New World Order. 

In my last post I said that philanthropath” billionaires were funding junk science climate change propaganda to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. I’ve since found out that they are actually spending billions of dollars to deceive the general public by churning out endless false propaganda via their myriad bought-and-paid-for MSM outlets, and to fund propagandist NGOs and nuisance activist groups like Extinction Rebellion.  

In 1972 the Club of Rome published their Malthusian book “Limits to Growth” and after a further two decades of cogitation they pronounced in 1991 that “the real enemy then is humanity itself”. Since then the global establishment has insisted that we are facing a climate catastrophe due to man-made CO2 emissions. Their quasi-religious zealotry has escalated over the years, culminating in the 2018 UN IPCC’s 1.5° Special Report fantasising on Net Zero global man-made CO2 emissions by 2050.  

They insist that the “science is settled”, the same false assertion that they used in their Covid plandemic. The problem for them is that their scaremongering climate change predictions spanning over three decades have come nowhere near to justifying the monumental and crazy upheavals they are trying to impose on us. 

As Ben Pile observes, they have switched from hostage-to-fortune scary global warming predictions to simply asserting that the world is already in a “climate crisis”, without a shred of credible scientific evidence. The problem they have with this approach is that it simply isn’t true, as Ben explains in his article and video. For further evidence see here, here and here.  

The establishment’s original global warming scaremongering relied solely on “Garbage In, Garbage Out“ computer modelling designed to produce suitably scary apocalyptic scenarios. They used the same trick in their Covid plandemic with the fraudulent, scaremongering, never independently checked predictions of Bill Gates-bribed Neil Ferguson that Covid would kill 500,000 people in the UK and pro rata in other countries, comprehensively falsified by minimal-lockdown Sweden.  

The establishment’s climate change narrative is stretched beyond credence by: reliance on pseudoscience, failed climate modelling, engineering reality ignored, EV mandate insanity, heat pump absurdity, faked “hockey stick graph, faked 97% consensus, hushed-up Climategate scandal, indoctrination in schools, easily-debunked scaremongering, Met Office lies, Climate Change Committee lies, unhinged comments at Davos, suppression of dissident views and the absurd conceit that mankind can fine-tune the planetary climate.  

What a catalogue of deceptions and skulduggeries! This fraudulent, technically-unbelievable narrative should have been laughed out of court long ago. The scam is only sustained by the corrupt MSM pumping out lies and suppressing debate, leaving the subliminally-brainwashed general public who tend to be unsure on science and engineering matters confused, eco-apprehensive and reluctant to question the falsely-asserted so-called “consensus”. 

Bear in mind that the UN IPCC is only legally mandated to study the risks of human, not natural, influences on climate. They never disclose this massive shortcoming to the general public, lying by omission, as they do with the following. 

They ignore the global cooling which occurred from the 1950s to the 1970s despite steadily-rising atmospheric CO2. They ignore the obvious explanation that the minor global warming of the 1980s and 90s was most probably due to a preponderance of natural El Nino spikes (red) rather than supposed slow-but-steady CO2 greenhouse gas warming. They ignore the inconvenient lack of any net global warming this century (disregarding transient El Nino warming spikes) despite ever-rising atmospheric CO2

They ignore the long-term climate natural variability which has led to centuries-long spikes of global warming hotter than today at roughly millennial intervals long before the era of fossil fuels, the last two followed by severe global cooling: the Dark Ages after the Roman Warm Period then Vikings settling in Greenland during the Medieval Warm Period but driven out by the subsequent Little Ice Age. 

They ignore the science which shows that atmospheric CO2 (and nitrous oxide) have very limited “greenhouse gas” effect on global warming. They ignore the ice-core evidence which shows that increases in global temperatures in the distant past preceded increases in atmospheric CO2 outgassed from the warming oceans, not the other way around. They ignore the fact that no catastrophic “tipping point” global warming happened 750 million years ago when atmospheric CO2 levels were vastly higher than today at 7000ppm.  

They shamelessly adjust the data to show scary exaggeration of global warming. The animated graph in this Tony Heller video shows one example, 20th century USA temperatures before and after retrospective adjustment. The original data showed an 80-year cooling trend with the 1930s the hottest. The adjusted data turned the 80-year trend into warming and made 1998 the hottest. 

Their adjustment skulduggery is exposed by the all-time high temperature records of the 1930s which they were unable to fiddle. The Covid plandemic parallel is fiddling the data to exaggerate the counts of Covid cases and deaths to ramp up the scaremongering but being unable to hide the high count of excess deaths after the mass rollout of the mRNA injections. 

Look at their puerile wishful-thinking (or plain deceit) in hoping to implement global Net Zero by 2050 to supposedly fix their alleged “climate crisis”. Narcissist nitwit Nicola decreed 2045 for “world-leading” Scotland! Non-Western countries currently have negligible deployment of wind and solar power for their energy supply but are over 80% dependent on fossil fuels and it is clear they will not join in such a technically-infeasible and economically-suicidal endeavour.  

This means that any puny unilateral efforts by woke Western countries to stop using fossil fuels (the UK produces just 1% of global CO2 emissions) will make negligible difference globally, even if the level of atmospheric CO2 were controlled by man-made emissions, which it isn’t, and even if this level were the “control knob” of global climate, which it isn’t. For further evidence see here, here, here and here

The thuggish threats of the UN’s Mark Carney and BlackRock’s Larry Fink to bankrupt companies which don’t comply with their absurd ESG regulations will only hasten the West’s economic decline. Is that their ulterior Malthusian plan all along?  

Technologies like wind and solar power which are resource intensive, short lifespan, low energy density, low Energy Return on Energy Invested, expensively-subsidised, environmentally-unclean, non-scalable, unviably intermittent and unviably low capacity factor are not sustainable and hydrogen is an expensive dead end

The establishment’s “crime against humanity” Covid terror, its corrupt, dangerous, failing war in Ukraine and nefarious US/NATO sabotage of the German Nord Stream gas pipelines, its war against farming and “nitrogen” to create deliberate food shortages on top of many years of energy infrastructure degradation from its self-harming war against “carbon” have given us a horrific preview of how dreadful a Net Zero future would be. It would render us impoverished, to the 2050 tune of maybe £3 trillion, cold and dark, hungry and forced to eat insects, with restricted mobility, digitally entrapped and most probably depopulated, in line with the Malthusian agenda of the UN/WEF globalists. 

Energy is not even a devolved issue here in virulently “green” Scotland yet our energy infrastructure is being wrecked by nitwits who tie themselves in knots with their own anti-human wokery (Bob Moran cartoon) and are seemingly incapable of procuring two new eco-friendly” ferries without incurring massive cost overruns and delays.  

The incompetents who have already severely damaged Scotland’s economy insist on pushing ahead with their coercive, ruinous yet pointless policies to irresponsibly vandalise our national and domestic energy, heating, cooking and transport systems, wrecking the car industry (and others) in the process. Is that their ulterior Malthusian plan all along?  

They have no moral authority to pursue this authoritarian climate change nonsense because it is all based on lies and false propaganda. In another parallel with the Covid plandemic, the brainwashed and misinformed general public, many of whom sadly show positive leanings towards Net Zero in opinion polls, have never given their properly informed consent to what will involve having their lives massively disrupted, degraded and impoverished.  

A further abusive parallel with Covid is the use of taxpayer-funded nudge units to extend the subliminal climate change brainwashing of the public. 

My closing segue: The head-banging Guardian newspaper has long taken a hair shirt misanthropic stance on “climate change, more recently exemplified here, just as they predictably do now on the “Covid plandemic. That article turns the sour Guardian comments around into an amusing take on TCW’s Celebration of Dissent, video here

Taking us for fools on Covid 

Thanks to the establishment’s Covid brainwashing psy-ops, many people still think that politicians like Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon “did a good job” during the pandemic whereas what they actually did was to perform a carefully pre-planned theatre of what can only be described as democide. 

I’ll start to explain this by referring to two existing works. 

Firstly, since mid-July 2020, international lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich and his team of experts have intensively investigated the global establishment’s malevolent mishandling of Coronavirus, captured in hundreds of hours of video testimonies. They were among the first to use the word “plandemic”. 

Because the corrupt judiciary refused to take on a real case, in 2022 they held what they called a Grand Jury court of public opinion Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity model trial. Unfortunately it got no traction as the corrupt MSM blanked it out. The trial indicted all six defendants, most notably Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. My own (very long) summary of the trial has been belatedly posted online by my colleague Joel Smalley.  

The evidence shows clearly that globally-coordinated crimes against humanity were committed for the nefarious motives described in Dr Fuellmich’s apocryphal closing arguments (transcript here). Anyone who thinks that all is (reasonably) well with the world needs to hear/read this and think again. Be aware that the UK government is still trying to do what they failed to do through their Covid plandemic. They are holding a rushed consultation on introducing digital ids (closes 1st March) and a further consultation on introducing a Central Bank Digital Currency. If allowed to go through, these changes could be used to reduce us all to serfdom. 

Dr Fuellmich has since split from his former colleagues and has formed the International Crimes Investigative Committee to continue his campaigning. 

Next I’ll refer to a post of my own from July last year, sent to my MP to try to get him to admit to complicity in the Covid plandemic. He didn’t reply. The post contains twenty carefully framed questions designed to show that the entire Covid narrative has been a pack of lies. These questions are all still very relevant, some even more so with the passage of time, e.g. the continuing government and MHRA stonewalling on vaccine injuries and excess deaths. 

For those who remain unsure and perhaps still don’t realise they are being abused on multiple fronts (Bob Moran cartoon), I’ll end with a few simple observations and facts which may help them to “join the dots” to see how obvious it is (at least in retrospect) that our despicable, treasonous politicians took the general public for fools on Covid. 

Isn’t it odd how they built all those Nightingale hospitals which remained empty during a supposedly “raging pandemic”? Isn’t it odd that, contrary to all their false propaganda scaremongering, the infection fatality rate of this “deadly virus” was similar to flu, as was known from the very beginning, with the average age of UK Covid deaths in 2020 over 82?  

Isn’t it odd that the early scaremongering videos of Wuhan Covid “victims” keeling over in the street were never replicated elsewhere (discounting post-vaccine SADS)? Isn’t it odd that the March 2020 Covid fearmongering in Italy used faked photos of massed coffins? 

Isn’t it odd that they immediately jettisoned their long-established pandemic preparedness strategy in favour of draconian, economy-wrecking lockdowns never before tried or even contemplated for such a relatively mild respiratory disease? 

Isn’t it odd that they locked down the global economy for a relatively mild pathogen that almost exclusively targets the elderly? Isn’t it odd that the eminently sensible Great Barrington Declaration proposal for focused protection of the vulnerable was ruthlessly taken down? WEF puppet Matt Hancock falsely characterised it as “letting the virus rip”. 

Isn’t it odd that they encouraged, e.g. Nicola Sturgeon here, and even coerced pregnant women to take the dangerous experimental injections (also here), a previously off-limits medical procedure ever since the 1960s thalidomide tragedy?  

Isn’t it odd that they even targetted children and babies who were at negligible risk from the virus but at risk of myocarditis or worse from the jabs? See Canada child athletes dying here.

Isn’t it odd that the US DoD issued a Covid-19 research contract in November 2019 three months before Covid was known to exist and that Moderna were working on a Covid vaccine in January 2020? UK Column recently covered the news (from 6:00) that, contrary to all we have been led to believe, the US military was in charge of the Covid vaccine response. Researcher Katherine Watt exposes their shocking covert martial law genocidal scheming in this article and video. She describes what they have been doing as “war crimes” but ends on an optimistic note saying “I do think it’s going to break”. 

My July 2022 post to my MP covers the venal banning of genuinely safe and effective early treatment Covid drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. I’ll add more detail as this is one of the worst Covid plandemic skulduggeries (ref. Midazolam Matt Hancock). These drugs became no longer obligatory under UK law for treating Covid after Boris Johnson’s ruse of quietly downgrading Covid-19 from High Consequence Infectious Disease status on 18 March 2020 (just before the first lockdown), which then allowed him to cruelly ban them completely on 25 March, paving the way for Emergency Use Authorisation of the vaccines. Isn’t it odd that this same ruse was employed by so many countries all round the world? 

Further to the Covid plandemic’s spring 2020 iatrogenesis phase of crimes against humanity and its early-2021 phase of vaccine-induced death among the frail, elderly immune-system impaired, recent evidence from a former NHS Director shows plandemic pre-planning as early as 2016. This concerns changes to make it much easier to mis-certify the cause of a death, very handy for ramping up the scaremongering numbers of Covid-attributed deaths. 

Isn’t it odd that Covid vaccines against this mild pathogen were mandated for many people, either directly via “no jab, no job” coercions or indirectly via vaccine passports/travel passes (plus mass advertising campaigns) when it was known that they didn’t even prevent infection or stop transmission yet caused high levels of injuries and deaths

Isn’t it odd that the recent Cleveland Clinical study shows that the Covid jabs have caused a “pandemic of the vaccinated“? 

Isn’t it odd that public US insurance company data show that during the third and fourth quarters of 2021, death in people of working age (18-64) who had been minimally affected by Covid in 2020 was 40% higher than it was before the pandemic after many of them had been coerced (“no jab, no job”) or harangued into taking the Covid vaccine? 

Isn’t it odd that more excess deaths were recorded across the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in 2021 and 2022 following the mass rollouts of the Covid-19 injections than were recorded at the height of the Covid-19 so-called pandemic in 2020?  

Isn’t it odd that with the risk of WW3 increasing, the authorities steadfastly refuse to investigate the shockingly high levels of excess deaths since the Covid jab rollout? Compare this to their scaremongering daily recital of their (falsely inflated) Covid death toll while they stoked their “plandemic”.  

Isn’t it odd* that they want to continue inflicting their unsafe and ineffective Covid vaccines on the over-50s, especially when the data show that more jabs lead to more excess deaths? Could that be because they don’t want to abandon their “toxic by design” mRNA technology because they want to inflict it on us in future plandemics? What’s next, Marburg virus?   

    * Breaking news downplayed by the MSM: It’s all over for the booster jabs, although not in the USA

Isn’t it striking that even Bill Gates now says the mRNA injections are no good, after having taken profits on his $200 billion pharma shareholdings? Talk about conflict of interest! Why pander to shyster Gates? Most “conspiracy theorists” knew from the outset that the mRNA jabs wouldn’t work


I’ve addressed this email to Scotland-wrecker Nicola Sturgeon (now resigned) and my MP Drew Hendry who is (or was) the SNP energy spokesman at Westminster. I don’t expect them to respond on the Covid issues for obvious legal reasons (I’ve already said that Sturgeon deserves to go to jail), but I feel that they ought to respond on the climate change and energy infrastructures issues, to try to justify their climate change junk science and their energy engineering vandalism and denial of reality to the people of Scotland. 

I urge everyone to challenge these and all the other misanthropic maniacs before they succeed in wrecking the economy. They have already succeeded in giving us the highest electricity billsin the entire world”. WEF placeman Sunak pretends he is going for “growth, growth, growth” but that’s not going to happen while his Net Zero lunacy continues. Is that his ulterior Malthusian plan all along? He looks to be just marking time managing our decline until he gets the order from above to impose The Great Reset (lampooned by JP Sears). 

Challenge the new “Net Zero” minster Grants Shapps who is already taking his orders from the megalomaniac mega-briber Bill Gates, already “indicted” in the Fuellmich Crimes Against Humanity model trial for the criminal harm he has inflicted through the Covid plandemic. He has also been charged with murder in India. 

It will take years to recover from the sky-high and economy-crippling energy costs we are now saddled with after two decades of delusional decarbonisation mal-engineering, even if Net Zero were scrapped today. Pressing ahead with Net Zero will only make things much worse. Look at the madness unfolding in woke California. Don’t say you weren’t warned. 

All the political parties that support these destructive and pointless “climate change” policies urgently need to be challenged. They are collectively acting as an undemocratic UN/WEF poodle “Uniparty to disenfranchise and abuse the electorate on this and other vital issues.  

Labour could do even more damage than the incumbent so-called Conservatives because Trilateral Commission poodle and WEF poodle Starmer has said he would stop all new investment in North Sea oil and gas and that his key climate priority for 2030 would be to generate all our electricity without using fossil fuels. Talk about cloud cuckoo land

Here’s the thing” says Neil Oliver: We are not “useless eaters” and we need to fight back (with a great castigation of Sturgeon from 7:20). 

Demonic plans within the “great reset”:

Matt Hancock not in prison yet:

The government’s mad and murderous net zero plan for 2023/2050 – image is from page 6 of the Net Zero document by UK FIRES:

Net Zero 2050 UK