We Are Imprisoned In Our Own Area and Country

Here is another appeal from a father who points out the destructive and dangerous path society is heading down. If you would like to get in contact with Mac Frances, please use the contact form, and we will forward your message to him.

There has never been a threat to public health and millions of people’s lives are being completely destroyed by blatant satanic pathocracy, which most unfortunate people cannot see. Be assured, the powers of the universe will not continue to allow this to happen!

I am a father of four, and we are imprisoned in our own area and country unless we accept our demise by complying with an unconstitutional genocidal agenda. No, not going to happen! But we do have a long hard fight on our hands.

We have a young adult daughter who recently became severely disabled and at risk of going blind, which we are confident that medical treatments and vaccines were the primary, if not absolute cause. We desperately need to move to a hot climate to assist her mobility and for her to see as much of the world as she can, we are all praying she doesn’t lose her sight, of course!

I am too seeking legal advice of how to travel freely and privately, and it astounds me how lacking the UK is in rebelling to this blatant genocidal tyranny. Shame on all the Law Firms who are not seeking reparation and justice for their clients’ losses due to this unlawful and satanic pathocracy. So what if you are threatened with your demise, your lives are worthless anyhow under this “New World Order” and the roll-out of 5G, never mind their ongoing hoax deadly virus’ agendas! It is a great opportunity for all law firms to be accredited with a real challenge in life and to take down the real criminals “The Cabals” of this world, opposed to being content with handling petty crime cases.

It is like everyone is frightened to ‘not comply’ even when they think it is entirely wrong to comply, when the bottom line is they have nothing to lose as they are all going to be made seriously ill from fraudulent PCR testing, isolating and wearing masks, let alone they are all going to be slowly murdered with the ongoing experimental treatments being fraudulently called vaccines.

Regarding travelling freely and privately, we need to go down the route of compliance with aiding and abetting laws.

We have concluded from substantially qualified evidence that criminal fraud and genocide is being perpetrated on unsuspecting populations worldwide. We do not consent or comply with what we conclude as criminal acts or policies that are fraudulently based on fabricated or inconclusive sciences. Aiding and abetting of such is a criminal offence!

1. There is no scientific proof that Covid-19 ‘the deadly virus pandemic’, exists or that any viruses are transmissible.
2. Travel restrictions are therefore unjustifiable and unlawful.
3. Any testing programmes for a non-existing virus before or after travelling is therefore unjustifiable and unlawful.
4. PCR testing is therefore not ‘fit for purpose’ and is being used fraudulently as a means to skew statistics in favour of pursuing this fabricated pandemic agenda.
5. The intimidating and discriminating policies to wear masks and social distance is therefore unjustifiable and unlawful.
6. The constant wearing of masks and social distancing has been scientifically proven as dangerous and not ‘fit for purpose’.
7. Quarantine of perfectly healthy people is unjustifiable and unlawful. Basic science proves that people who have been ‘vaccinated’ are more capable of producing disease, and it should be them who are isolated, especially in light of no one knowing the long term ramifications of injecting people with experimental mechanical RNA devices, which are already indicating fatal consequences. Pilots who have been vaccinated should not be flying aeroplanes!

Or any other proven unjustified and criminal measures imposed by either corrupt, lawless or negligent representatives in authoritative positions, ‘Public Health Officials turned Totalitarian Warlords’.

We must exercise our rights to travel freely and privately, and not assist in the performance of, nor the commission of these criminal acts or unlawful policies. Aiding and abetting of such is a criminal offence!

We must join together to stop this evil genocidal agenda, we cannot do it alone. Please support how Dolores Cahill travels free of tyranny: https://dolorescahill.com/


May our Creator bless you and protect you.
Mac Francis