We Have Been Victims of the Biggest, Best Funded Global Mind Control Projects in History

The myth of stopping Covid-19 transmission via vaccination—public Perception is massively skewed

By Ivan Fraser

Having been exposed to this kind of messaging for decades, people have been persuaded to believe that vaccines stop transmission of common respiratory viruses, despite science to the contrary. Essentially, the messaging is marketing.

“By having the flu jab you can help protect yourself, family, friends and loved ones—as well as the people you support. So, if you work in the health and care sector, check with your employer whether you are eligible for a free vaccination at your local GP practice or pharmacy.

OK, so it’s not a 100% guarantee against getting infected, but there is strong evidence that the flu vaccine will help prevent you from getting the flu. And if you do, it is likely to be milder and last less long.”

If the implication is correct—if you don’t get vaccinated, you will potentially kill your family and (for health care staff) patients. Essentially, it is your duty to be vaccinated.

But it was never enforced, only a choice. Why? The idea of mandatory vaccinations, based on transmission is not indicated by the science, and people would not accept this.

Yet, the illusion persists through decades of mass persuasive marketing, that a jab stops transmission.

We were prepared for the Covid shots and the propaganda that led to hard-line implementation by decades of lies, propaganda and marketing through health agencies. See Flu for Thought—the background to mass misunderstanding of the issue of transmission.

The above is how the Mass Formation hypnosis was nurtured.

Softly at first, a nudge in the literature, on the walls, through MSM to get your shot and ‘save granny’.

Covid shots were not unique, and this narrative is not new.

Despite the Covid shots never being designed for nor tested for transmission—just like the flu shots—the masses still believed they were. They were perceiving that messaging, as a continuation of the marketing strategy first pioneered by the flu jabs.

The Covid shots were designed for the same remit as the flu shots—to reduce symptoms.

Like the flu shots, they turned out to be woefully ineffective, and did not prevent hospitalisation and death. They certainly did not and could not stop transmission. See the various Cochrane meta-analyses of the flu vaccines, some of which are discussed here.

They were never designed to in the first place. We knew that in 2020.

Small studies were done following the introduction of the Covid jabs that indicated a link between jabs and reduction of transmission. But co-factors such as self-isolation were underplayed (if you don’t contact others, the virus does stop with you). And these entered the narrative.

But they still only showed hope for an association between jabs and transmission.

But the MSM messaging was spun into ‘they stop transmission.’ And that’s what everyone WANTED to hear, and what they hoped for, and so the mass perception that they do was easily inserted into the mass psyche. Like a viral infection!

Look at how it develops in the montage shown on the Highwire (see the montage at the end of episode 290).

Fauci talks about stopping the virus at you, if vaccinated. The overt statement ‘the vaccine stops transmission’ is not to be found. Only by insinuation—NLP style. No mention of the virus stopping at you as the end vector, as long as you don’t pass it on, as long as you isolate from others whilst infectious etc. As long as barrier nursing and such is imposed in health care settings etc.

This got taken on by the MSM who overtly state this ‘factoid’ as truth—’if you get the jab, you cannot transmit and this ends the pandemic’. Utter BS. But the seed planted by the likes of Fauci was matured in the MSM presenter’s misinterpretation, and then overtly stated.

Then any number of interviews with people on the street allowed to state, ‘I’ve had my jab, so I cannot get it and cannot transmit it’, was left to MSM-led public to be the advertisers for the product. Nudged constantly into this perception (just like with the flu jab propaganda), the masses reinforced the propaganda amongst themselves.

It wasn’t challenged and corrected by Fauci or his ilk, and wasn’t corrected by the scientists or Pfizer, because it suits the wider agenda to have everyone believe the lie of stopping transmission. The narrative reinforced itself in the reservoir of public opinion and fuelled by fear and emotion and hope etc. it became dominant.

There’s logic in the idea that if your symptoms are reduced, and you are not coughing the virus around, then yes, logically this will reduce transmission. NOT stop it. And the impact will actually be small if a respiratory virus is in circulation. You can’t stop transmission in society—we never tried to with flu because we know it’s unachievable. We have to live with these things.

So, there’s a straight line timeline association between flu shots and Covid shots.

There is a fundamental disconnect between the science and the marketing and mass perception.

Even healthcare staff fall for it, so it isn’t that ‘the public are stupid’. We’re all vulnerable to clever psychological manipulation. A lie repeated often enough becomes ‘the truth’.

So when Pfizer admitted it didn’t test for transmission, it wasn’t necessarily an ‘admission’ of guilt. It just restated the position it has in 2020, to create a vaccine whose remit was to reduce symptoms.

The FDA, CDC, MHRA, NHS, political parties, healthcare industry spokespeople etc. were observing the effects of the jabs and were hopeful that it would stop transmission, because some studies indicated it ‘helped’ with a reduction in transmission, albeit a small effect.

Once Pfizer had (fraudulently) given the politicians what they asked for, it became an evolving narrative, boosted by small studies regarding transmission, which were woven into the narrative and over-exaggerated.

Nobody suspected this, they assumed the vaccines equal stopping transmission, because they have been raised to believe this through the same propaganda around the flu jabs. The soil was prepared in the flu-jab narrative era, the seeds planted in the Covid era narrative, and the fruits of misperception harvested and were used to feed the illusion further.

The recent revelations by Pfizer’s president of international developed markets, Janine Small, are not revelations to us, who have followed this from the start.

And some of us have been onto them for decades. I’ve criticised the flu jab for decades and challenged the very idea of stopping transmission, preventing hospitalisation and death as public health fraud. The idea of saving granny by getting vaccinated is emotional manipulation and marketing.

So when the Covid jabs came on the table in mid-2020, I knew the same narrative would be used, the same marketing and the world would fall into the same mass formation misperception of what these jabs were designed to do.

I didn’t consider then that they would go so far as making them mandatory on the basis of the lie of stopping transmission. I thought it would fail the test of scientific logic and legality. They couldn’t stand a chance in hell if they tried that one on, because the lie would be exposed—or so I assumed. But they went ahead and did it.

Now that the Pfizer statement is out in the open, it’s a wonderful gift to our cause, because it’s shaking people’s perceptions. But there’s a history here and a lot of unpacking to do when we question how we could be persuaded by a lie, ignore science, and through marketing and propaganda be led to believe such a huge lie, which was largely implanted in the psyche of the masses by insinuation, historical propaganda from the flu shot campaigns etc.

On the basis of a misperception, cultivated by the information controllers, we have done an enormous amount of damage. So, we do bear some responsibility as individuals to question and oppose the mind control.

But we have been victims of the biggest, best funded, global mind control projects in history.

We are victims, first and foremost. But to escape the victimhood, we need to stay alert and educated, that we don’t fall for the overt and covert lies.

Because there are many more to come. Forewarned is fore-armed.

Together, in Truth, we can change the world!