We Need a New Healthcare Service

By Michael T Arnot

We need a new NHS—I will for the moment call such the ‘People’s Healthcare Provision’ (PHP) until a better title is devised. We need this because it is getting ever harder and more impossible to actually get to see one’s own doctor.

And so my proposal is this: We need to get an assembly of doctors who are not following the evil directives of governments covid narrative or that are being paid bribe money from the big pharmaceutical businesses like Pfizer, AstraZeneca etc.

We need Independent doctors, private healthcare doctors, any doctor who would be willing and compassionate enough, to take on former NHS patients. Doctors who are not connected in any way with the current system, of avoiding their patients and neglecting them, like those being bribed to do so and that are merely acting as drug pushers, and mass murdering vaccine-jab promoters, for the WHO under media and government coercion. Those are not doctors they are killers!

We need doctors, even those who are retired, to step out for the good of the public at large. Doctors, like the courageous and dedicated Dr Vernon Coleman, to become active doctors again, offering real treatment, including holistic remedies, that the NHS and Big Pharma’s will not do. We need a medical service entirely separate from the NHS.

The NHS and it’s GP services are nothing more now, than a service pushing the toxic drug agenda of pharma’s, like Pfizer and AstraZeneca and Moderna etc.

They are only interested in murdering and harming as many people as they can. They have become nothing more than killers, euthanizists, in the service of horrendous dedpopulationists agendas of those within the WHO and WEF, pushing vaccine gene therapies as treatments, that are known to cause harm and death.

Here in the Scottish Borders, getting to see an actual doctor is a virtual impossibility and so that is why we, and especially those of us living in poverty, need to be able to access doctors, who have nothing to do with the government and NHS policies or the covid corrupted NHS narratives, restrictions and conditions.

We need doctors who still retain their integrity and their honesty, and above all their oath. The Hippocratic oath that says, that they will give medical aid and help to those who need it and that they will do no harm. We need decent, trustworthy and dedicated public doctors.

And so once again I, Michael T Arnot, call for those doctors that still retain their ethics and commitment to patients, who are not afraid to speak out and stand up, against the evil mass-murdering and harmful policies, of both the corrupted NHS and government, to get out of your GP offices and stop hiding from under your desks, and help those in medical need.

Stop taking those evil bribes, stop being subservient to evil, stop being dealers in drug/jab induced death.

Help us who are being denied access to our GP services, that we pay for via National Insurance contributions, but are being actively and unlawfully discriminated against getting, by the NHS and GP services you work for.

Stand up for medical justice, stand against these heinous policies. Make a stand in giving medical care, defy the evil policies, defy Big Pharma defy the government.

I appeal to your sense of medical ethics—those who still retain such. Viva the People’s Healthcare Provision!

Dr. David Martin—The Endgame of the Elite—Jab Tyranny and War on Humanity:

Dr. David Martin interview by Josh Sigurdson, World Alternative Media at the Redpill Expo, November 6, 2021. (Kristall/Brandnewtube)

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