‘We Need an Independent Public Inquiry’ as Excess Deaths Average More Than 1000 a Week

We’ve been warning about the covid vaccine for almost 3 years. And now, look what’s happening.

Click here: Why health professionals, professors, scientists, microbiologists and virologists are saying NO to the jab

Former head of the UK trade team at the ONS (Office for National Statistics), James Wells, tells Nigel Farage that ‘we need an independent public inquiry’ into excess deaths, as they reach an average of more than 1000 a week. (GBNews/YT)

Comment below the video on YT nails it:

“The excuse that Ambulances and A&E times just doesn’t cut it because they are not addressing why young people are having heart attacks in the first place. It’s just not normal for young people to have heart attacks and has anyone noticed an alarming number of defibrillators popping up in City Centres these days?”

Died Suddenly Until Proven Otherwise (Freedom of Speech USA/Bitchute):

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Canadian woman tells her terrifying, and agonising vaccine injury story (Sudden Death/Bitchute):

Football star’s SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST on live TV: My #1 Message for EVERYONE:

What could have happened so tragically to Damar Hamlin, this super fit 24-year-old football star?
Also, a big practical message for EVERYONE out there, with everything we are seeing. (Dr. Suneel Dhand/YT)

Baby Given Vaccinated Blood Infusion Dies Within Days From Blood clot (Puretrauma357/Brighteon):

They need to be held accountable for lying and causing a genocide!

Summary:The Doctors in Senator Ron Johnson’s roundtable discussion, Del Bigtree shares a clip where he put together what we’ve seen in the news. The authorities lied to the people and forced people to get vaccine. Now we know the vaccine didn’t stop the transmission. However, the representative of the agencies and the big pharma refused to come to discuss and debate the second option with doctors and researchers. (Chinese taking down EVIL CCP/Brighteon)