We the People – Letters from Dystopia

Dame Abi Roberts is a podcaster who has asked people to send her their stories. Taken together, they make an ebook for everyone to download and read. The ebook also includes illustrations by Bob Moran.

In her foreword Abi writes:

This book is dedicated to the millions of people who have suffered under this global tyranny, and those courageous souls who continue to stand up against it. In May 2022, having been banned on Twitter, I decided to start a podcast.

Abi Daily gradually grew into a family for those who feel alone, hopeless, or shunned by their own family, friends and colleagues for speaking out against the Covid propaganda.

After a few weeks, I invited people to write to me about their experiences of the last two and a half years, and every Wednesday I read the letters out. It became known as Meaningful Wednesday. Some of the stories are so harrowing, I found myself physically affected by them days later.

I’ve put together an e-book of the letters to serve as a permanent record of the unspeakable inhumanity people have endured, and to honour all those who stand up against this evil.
The honesty, humanity and bravery you will read in these letters is astonishing.

Download the ebook here:

We the People – Letters from Dystopia.pdf