We Who Are Awake Must Do All That We Can to Fight Against This Ungodly Evil

By Michael T Arnot

The Midazolam Murders (see Euthanasia—a Good Death?) – that’s what they’ll end up being called. Euthanizing the elderly—this sounds like a novel that could have been written about the crimes of the late Dr Harold Shippman.

It wasn’t so hot for those being murdered or for their relatives who would have been completely unaware that the medical help being provided to them wasn’t to save them but to cull them in a process of medically endorsed, industrialized mass extermination.

This makes the actions of Shipman seem insignificant, by comparison. And one has to wonder if Shippman’s crimes weren’t just overlooked which allowed him to commit them unnoticed until he got careless and greedy, so that others could use his methods, as a testing ground for doing so on a massive scale. This has apparently been done already and is being continued in another form, with other deadly cocktails (the alleged vaccines).

So many brainwashed and potentially gullible people have been coerced by media propaganda into taking the vaccines, which they think will save them, from alleged deadly viruses that their own immune systems would have had little difficulty in coping with. What little faith they had to believe in these alleged vaccines. We know they are not vaccines at all but gene therapy treatments revealed and even admitted by those who have used them as a means to kill.

This is a run of biological weapons, a violation of treaties and laws, both national and international, as signed on papers and other agreements. They are used for treating patented viral constructs and make vast sums of money in the process.

Harold Shippman would, I reckon, feel almost vindicated (if not proud) because he ‘only’ managed to Murder around 200 people and perhaps he would have called ‘foul’ claiming he was doing so as an act of alleged ‘mercy’.

The NHS and Government have murdered the elderly in the tens of thousands. Were they doing so as an act of mercy? I seriously doubt it! And then, of course, there is a line-up of other potential ‘health crisis’ in the waiting—monkeypox, botulism, another SARS?

The GBN Document Lockstep is very revealing on what was discussed via the table top Event 201 and Ted Talk, where Bill Gates (who is by no means a doctor) promotes his depopulation agenda, under the guise of doing the world and us living in it a favour… A favour for whom?! He is a philanthropist billionaire, who just happens to have the world’s leading ‘Health Organization’ in his over stuffed bank-account pocket, and under his control. He certainly doesn’t have our best interests at heart.

With these means he usurps domination over the health status policies of every nation state on earth, via a Pandemic Treaty which is being pushed for implementation into law, against the sovereignty of nations.

We will not have a World Health Organisation, but a World ‘Harold’ Organization with a license, to mass genocide entire nations, and wipe out large sections of the populace with whatever virus, plague, pox or bacillus they can concoct and bring their (not) so Great Reset into fruition. Those that remain will be a more manageable amount for them, and will be controlled by their wholly digitalization BMI, GMO gene altered future of total slavery and total control and surveillance.

It’s a sick world if we become too complacent and allow this to happen. They cannot and should not be allowed to get away with it. We who are awake must do all that we can to fight against this ungodly evil!

Murdering the elderly as we now know, was but one aspect of their evil plans of world domination—murdering the children another. (Both have been done under the NAZI regime.)

Will the culling of those considered inferiors come next? The disabled, the infirm, those viewed as less intelligent, those living in poverty, those who are ethnically different, not just white or black but everywhere in between, those with mental health difficulties…?

This has all been done before. Those who do not remember the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them (George Santayana). Those who don’t recall History, at all, are just plain doomed! Resistance to the great reset is our fight, sovereignty is our right.