We Will NOT Forget!

Veronica Finch: Hope Amidst-a Tsunami of EvilThe evildoers are trying to get away with it. An amnesty for the mass murderers, for an evil depopulation plan? No way!

We must not forget because if we do, we are letting evil go through. The harm done to people caused by the lockdowns, mask mandates, and eventually the deadly so-called covid vaccines didn’t happen by ‘mistake’. There was no good-will behind it all, no accidental miscalculations…

The lockdowns, mandates, and coercion were planned from the beginning. That’s why we will not forget. We must seek justice – punishment for those responsible for the crimes and for those who followed orders out of ignorance, greed, or both. The evil must be uprooted or it will spread again and cause more destruction.

Our latest book exposes the great lies of the past two years. Packed with evidence, facts, essays, testimonies, letters, and reflections, this book is an eye-opener for all who question the narrative. It contains all the evidence you need to prove that the ‘pandemic’ was an orchestrated, massive fraud. Order your copy of the book here.

Never Forgive. Never Forget. No Pandemic Amnesty. (Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen/YT):

Chip Roy Fires Back At Calls For ‘COVID Amnesty'(Forbes Breaking News/YT):