Weekend Protests Everywhere for World Freedom Day

Brian Gerrish, David Scott and Patrick Henningsen with Monday’s UK Column News.

Topics in this video:

00:40 – Weekend Protests Everywhere For World Freedom Day

08:24 – Bayer Executive Highlights How Public Have Been Deceived Into Accepting Gene Therapy

10:55 – Pat Cash Questions the Vaccine after It Injures His Mum

15:00 – MSM Misdirection As they Avoid Talking About Real Issues

23:07 – Business Attacked For Non Compliance With The Dictatorship

24:58 – International Protester Solidarity

26:28 – Dr Fauci Reveals The Elitist Mindset

30:43 – The Collapse Of The Government Narrative

38:53 – Australian Official Loses The Plot

42:38 – the Commission On Human Medicines

51:00 – BBC Journalist Reveals Deep Rooted Confusion

52:26 – June Raine (MHRA) Concerned About Malicious Yellow Card Submissions

58:51 – Nurse Blows Whistle On Midazolam Use In Hospitals

01:00:22 – First Minister Denies NHS Cover Up Before Instigating A Cover-Up

01:04:46 – Live Event Cancelled For Questioning The Consensus

01:08:36 – Rittenhouse Overview Amid MSM Disinformation Melee That Causes Riots

01:21:08 – The Behavioural Insights Team Joins Forces With The MSM

World wide people are waking up: