WEF and Psychedelic Drugs – this Year’s Meetings in Davos

Simultaneous to the WEF meeting, another meeting is taking place in Davos, where influencers and rich people are promoting psychedelic drugs. Psychedelics are hallucinogenic drugs that alter the consumer’s conscious perception. See: the dangers of psychedelic drugs.

Many of the participants are involved in New Age ritualism, esoteric and similar practices that lead people astray.

With New Age and psychedelic drugs having roots in satanism, it’s becoming increasingly apparent, who is ‘ruling’ the world.

Forbes reports: As the world’s top political and financial leaders gather in Switzerland for the World Economic Forum’s flagship annual event, the biggest names in the psychedelics space will fly out to do the same. It’s not shamans or a “Burning Man crowd” that will come together in the iconic European town, but rather drug development experts, clinicians, nonprofit organizations, advocates and influencers from the space.

While the event itself, the Medical Psychedelic Series, is not part of the World Economic Forum, both the dates and location coincide with the iconic gathering of world leaders.


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