What About Natural Immunity?

Thoughts on natural immunity by two readers:

I want to know why nobody is challenging the government on natural immunity? The government is only recognising natural immunity for six months. Why are they not acknowledging the human B and T memory cells?
If the public were aware of these special memory cells after infection, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be so keen to be queuing up again for the boosters!

How do we make this fact known to the people before they are completely brained washed into taking the next jab and the next one after that? (Myself and family are unvaxed, we’ve already had covid in July.) I am starting to feel worried regarding passports etc. It’s just all so wrong. Negative test results make more sense. Just because someone’s had jab, does not stop them having or transmitting it. If you have covid, you’re ill and at home in bed, so not passing it on to others unless in the same household.

This pandemic is about controlling us and digital ID-ing us all. When I tested positive for covid-19 my name and address was linked to a bar-code, just like your shopping!

Lockdowns for non-vaccinated people is a good thing. Think about it. It’ll prove once and for all that non-vaccinated people are not the cause of the latest government figures worldwide, showing covid vaccinated people are getting illnesses, not just covid but other things too.

I am prepared to go through another six-week lockdown if governments agree to use it as an experiment to prove people vaccinated against covid will still be getting sick and will still die, whether non-vaccinated people are on the streets or locked in their homes. Already it can be seen in countries where people not vaccinated against covid are restricted from restaurants, public transport, bars, cinemas, concerts etc. that they are still getting a fourth wave. But this has not been enough to convince the officials.

Lockdowns for the non-vaccinated will go a long way to help governments* and officials realise they have been fooled by big pharma, bad science, media, other industries and these so-called philanthropists.

(*But aren’t many politicians complicit in the financial profit from the covid vaccines?)

Covid vaccines: ‘All of the Risk but non of the Benefit’

Covid booster vaccines have now been extended to those aged between 40 and 49 in the UK.
This comes after being approved by the Government’s vaccines watchdog, the JCVI, which also gave approval for teenagers aged 16 and 17 to receive second jabs.
Dr Tony Hinton says: ‘It is a very strange decision to give teenagers a second dose.’ (TalkRadio/YT)

In this video, Dr Tony Hinton makes an important statement:

‘If the government was insistent on this, at least a sensible thing to do, maybe a comprimise to do, would be to check on these people for antibodies or T-cell responses in the first place, because probably 80-90% of these teenagers now have already had covid. And that would give them better protection than any vaccine!

(We don’t agree that these experimental and dangerous ‘vaccines’ should go to poor countries, though’!)


Dr Ryan Cole: Covid-19 Vaccines Suppress the Immune System, Making People More Prone to HIV, Shingles and Herpes