What Is a 15 Minute City? Find Out with Randy Hillier

Want to visualize our lives in a 15-minute city?

Using expert advice, I have created a simulated scientific model. Let us look into our future… Everyone is happy and they own nothing.

Save yourself from the big bad scary world and flock to the closest 15-minute city. (Randy Hillier/Odysee)

Get to know the hens of Henton in The Big Bad Wolf and the Syringe:

Details: 35 Pages; 13.97 x 21.59 x 0.23 cm, with black and white illustrations

When Henflu breaks out in Henton, Sly Fox and Big Bad Wolf come to the rescue… but can the hens of Henton trust the wolf’s ‘miracle cure’?

The Big Bad Wolf and the Syringe is a witty, satirical tale that hits the nail on the head regarding the events of recent years.

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