What Is Causing the Unseasonable Hospital Use?

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with Monday’s UK Column News.

Subjects in this video:

  • What is causing unseasonable hospital use?
  • Biosurveillance in waste water
  • Problems with the NHS in the UK
  • UK Column MHRA data
  • Misleading vaccine adverse reaction propaganda from the mainstream media
  • Vaccine ADR’s reports in Europe and Japan
  • CDC manipulates vaccine data
  • Vaccinate at all costs, no risk assessment required!
  • Israel pauses lockdowns for the summer
  • Wuhan flu story based upon unconfirmed intelligence reports from unconfirmed intelligence sources
  • Indian push back on Indian variant narrative
  • Mask compliance normalcy
  • Peaceful gathering at George Square in Glasgow
  • BBC: Are you scared yet human?
  • UK Column emails from viewers
  • Vaccine refuseniks
  • Population bomb control
  • Magic inflation is no concern
  • Sustainable farming for climate change