What is this War Really About?

By Dr Vernon Coleman

Even though the people of Ukraine will doubtless be comforted by the thought that Meghan and Harry are with them, standing beside them in spirit if not in person, it is difficult not to agree that these are dark days for the citizens of that country. Lives will be lost and those in peril have our sympathy. (Meghan and Harry appear to have added opportunism to the sense of entitlement which appears to be their signature these days.)

But precisely what is going on?

Is this a real war or another fake – a false flag?

I’ve seen a number of photographs which seemed to me to be so obviously fake that they wouldn’t have been accepted by Hoffman and De Niro in ‘Wag the Dog’. I was particularly suspicious of one widely used picture of a woman with blood on her face which appeared on the front page of every British newspaper.

The UK’s Prime Minister described the invasion as the biggest military conflict since World War II, and the Government has also warned that the conflict could last ten years. But so far the Government’s actions seem to be limited to dispatching a handful of soldiers and confiscating the wealth of a few Russian oligarchs.

Is it all merely a distraction, deliberately manipulated and designed to stop us seeing what is happening with digital passports, covid jabs and all the other horrors conceived by the conspirators?

It certainly seems as though the West deliberately pushed Putin into taking action against Ukraine. The threat of NATO approval for Ukraine appears to have been used to trigger Putin into action.

Does it matter what the motives are? Should we merely be looking at the war in terms of the long-term aims of the global elite?

The evidence is confusing and it’s helpful to define what we do know.

There are several things to take into consideration…

First, the conspirators are in a hurry. It is often forgotten that Schwab, Soros, Rothschild, Gates, Blair, Charles et al are old men. They want to see the `Great Reset’ develop during their lifetimes. They are also in a hurry because they know that as more and more people `wake up’ so the strength of the resistance movement will grow. My guess (and everything is a guess these days) is that Schwab and company want the Great Reset sorted out by the end of 2022 and, failing that, well before the end of 2023. (We don’t have long if we’re going to win this war.) No war will kill enough people to satisfy their requirements but the consequences of this war will help kill vast numbers of people.

Second, I have a distinct feeling that Putin wants to get the band back together. By that I mean that he wants to reconstitute the USSR. It would be a great legacy for someone who, whatever his many faults, is a self-serving patriot.

Third, I have no doubt that Putin wants to get his hands on the riches inside Ukraine. Russia already has much of the world’s wheat, oil, gas and essential minerals. Ownership of the Ukraine’s valuable resources will give Putin even more power. (One of the light comedy moments occurred when the Americans threatened to stop selling microchips to Russia, apparently without realising that Russia pretty well owns most of the essential ingredients for making chips. The West has very little it can do in the way of sanctions without hurting itself even more than it hurts Russia. If the West excludes Russia from the SWIFT banking process, the big loser will be America which will lose its control over the world through the dollar. Sanctions will result in factories in the West being unable to manufacture electric cars because there will be a massive shortage of essential elements which are found predominantly in Russia and Ukraine.

Fourth, from the minute that war was mentioned, the conspirators leapt on the chance to warn of fuel and food shortages. The war will create massive poverty and unemployment as fuel and food prices soar. And millions who have never been within 1,000 miles of Russia will die as a result.

The greens and climate change cultists were doubtless beside themselves with excitement for they know that the consequences of the war will be more economic ruin, massive global poverty and millions of deaths.

My guess is that another 100 million will die as a direct result of the fuel and food shortages and the unemployment that will result. Most of those deaths will occur in Africa as a result of starvation.

Black Lives Matter protestors really should spend less time worrying about the statues erected to the memory of 18th and 19th century adventurers and more time worrying about the people starving to death in Africa as a result of the covid-19 fraud and now the Russian invasion. At least 100 million Africans died as a direct result of the covid-19 fraud and the lockdowns but Black Lives Matter didn’t seem to blink.

The conspirators will also use the invasion as an excuse for more clamp downs on the internet and for new anti-freedom laws. Putin’s invasion will be used in the same way as the Americans used 9/11 as an excuse for Homeland Security et al.

Fifth, all the principals in this war (including Putin and Zelensky) have spoken at the World Economic Forum in Davos. How significant is this? Possibly a great deal but probably not very much.

Sixth, both the BBC and the Guardian have been incredibly critical of Putin (as has the rest of the media in their own way) so it’s easy from that to conclude that Putin isn’t on the side of the conspirators pushing a global reset. But that would probably be a mistake. These days all the mainstream media, and much of the internet march to a tune selected and paid for by the conspirators. But it is surely more likely that the BBC and the Guardian et al are merely criticising Putin because that is what they have been told to do by the conspirators.

Seventh, those who believe that China is part of the global conspiracy should reflect on the fact that China is now actively encouraging parents to have three children. (A few years ago the limit was one.) This hardly fits with the new world order plan for a reduced population, and suggests that China intends to remain outside the UN’s planned Agenda 21 and Schwab’s Great Reset. We also know that China and Russia are committed partners. So this would suggest that the world is splitting into two factions: with China and Russia on one side and the US, the EU and Australasia on the other.

The questions are endless.

Are Putin’s Russia together with China (the home of social credit schemes let us never forget) a new power block intending to stand firm against the USA and Europe and Australasia? Where will the Arab countries fit into this? India? Pakistan?

Or are the Russians and the Chinese fully committed globalists, prepared to join with Schwab and company to push for a one world order and a global government? In a way that does seem unlikely since neither country is committed to supporting the global warming fraud – an essential part of the Global Reset. Remember: China is rapidly building new coal fired power stations and actively promoting population growth. China cannot possibly be part of Schwab’s nightmare scenario. Maybe they have their own nightmare scenario and their own plans for world domination.

How much of what is going on is mere expediency and opportunism?

Is Putin merely taking advantage of the moment to grab supplies of rare commodities? Remember that if Putin wins this war he will end up controlling so much of the world’s energy and essential commodities that he will control America and Europe and the rest of the world just as effectively as Arab states have had control in the past.

I think there are two scenarios:

Either Putin and Zelensky are joined in a conspiracy with the Schwab globalists.

Or the West deliberately pushed Putin into invading Ukraine and is now taking full advantage of the war it helped create (while Putin takes advantage of a commodity grab).

The bottom line is that I don’t think it matters whether Putin is part of the Global Reset plan or is simply being used by the conspirators.

What I do know for certain is that we can’t trust anything governments say or do and we cannot trust anything we are told by any of the mainstream media. Indeed, it is safer to assume that everything on the mainstream media is a lie and is there to mislead and confuse.

So, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be massively distracted by this war. How or why it happened is irrelevant.

We need to ignore the war and keep an eye on their endgame.

And this means that we need to keep in mind the long-term aims of the conspirators.

They want more deaths, they want digital passports, they want a cashless society, they want an energy crisis, they want global poverty and massive unemployment. In the UK, the Government is pushing through a mass of scary new legislation. (If you haven’t seen it please watch my video entitled ‘It’s Time to be Terrified’ which was first published on 4th February 2022.)

I’m afraid that the only thing that matters to us is that Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine will help them with all of those things.

And so those are the things we should concentrate on and concerning ourselves with.

We should ignore this war and continue to fight our own war for our freedom.

Time is rapidly running out.

I fear that we have until the end of 2022 to defeat them.

We have ten months left and the ticking of the clock is deafening.

This is no time for distractions of any kind.

Dr Vernon Coleman: https://vernoncoleman.org/

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