What Is Wrong With Piers Morgan?

Tweets from fromer Good Morning Britain TV presenter, Piers Morgan:

“Those who refuse to be vaccinated, with no medical reason not to, should be refused NHS care if they then catch covid. I’m hearing of anti-vaxxers using up ICU beds in London at vast expense to the taxpayer. Let them pay for their own stupidity & selfishness.”

The furious determination of so many supposedly intelligent people to refuse to be vaccinated against covid is staggering, incredibly stupid and deeply depressing. What the f*ck is wrong with you????

Is he aware of the fact that the majority of people who are being hospitalised due to covid have been vaccinated?

Is he aware of the growing number of deaths and severe adverse reactions from the covid jabs?
Is he really so ignorant or has he chosen the evil side?

Denying people treatment because they make the sensible decision not to take the experimental gene-therapy, which could result in injury or death, is equivalent to things said against the Jewish by the Nazis in 1939.

Let’s keep this as a proof for when everyone will be held accountable for what they said and did during this fake pandemic.

Piers Morgan, you should be in prison for your statement.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Del Bigtree expose the shocking truth about the dangers of a coronavirus vaccine: