What Role Does Bill Gates Play?

By Graeme Garvey

In M. Night Shyamalan’s film The Sixth Sense, a young girl is poisoned by her seemingly benevolent mother, the deadly drugs being regularly mixed into her food. After the child’s death, the truth is revealed to the rest of her grieving family, too late to save that unfortunate girl but in time to save her sister.

Although it does seem that more and more people are beginning to wake up to the truth of the Covid hoax, what happened in the film is already happening on a global scale and is certain to be even more terrible in the coming months and years. This is why the importance of the two letters posted on the White Rose website (on 7.2.22) from Broad Yorkshire Law that point out criminal liability (regarding the so-called vaccine) to All Vaccination Centres and to Schools can hardly be overstated. Good people need to act on this, now. There is ample evidence on the White Rose website to support the extremely worrying projection mentioned above, but we can add to this evidence the very words of William ‘Bill’ Gates that the so-called vaccines are not intended to save but to take lives.

Gates, is a major promoter of ‘vaccines’ (and a major financial beneficiary), hence he is known to some as Mad Vax. He has made it quite clear that their purpose is not to make people healthy but to kill them, the ultimate form of population control. Doubt this? Look at what he said himself in a 2010 TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference—see video below. “Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we lower that [the world population] by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” If you watch the speech, you will observe and possibly also be appalled by his manic cheerfulness as he brags to his doting audience, demons in human form.

Given that the global population is now estimated at 7,790,000,000, he is wanting to get rid of (ie exterminate) 1,200,000,000 human beings, give or take a few million. That is a monstrous number of humans who did not realise their journeys would end so soon, they thought they would be protected from disease. Gates’s father was a founder of Planned Parenthood, a major abortion provider. Apples don’t fall far from the trees.

As I said earlier, people do seem to be waking up. It would be nice if it was simply because truth is finally busting out all over. But a more sinister reason might be that some people on the lower rungs of power, Satan’s Little Helpers, with not quite such extreme views as Gates are getting scared. The exponentially rising number of deaths has probably come as a shock to many who thought that masks and jabs were pretty harmless ways of gaining easy control of folk. The burgeoning number of lawsuits will also be making a major contribution to stepping back a little, especially where jabs have been mandated. That is why the Broad Yorkshire Law templates are so important. Drug companies are indemnified against prosecution from their experimental jabs, i.e. they can’t be sued, so they are blame-free. Further, Pfizer have so much to hide that they are trying to keep what they are actually doing secret for 75 years. It is already becoming evident, as in a recent case in France, that insurance companies will (easily, one fears) wriggle out of paying out on people who died, using the argument that the deceased voluntarily took a non-life threatening ‘vaccination’.

There are going to be many millions of hurt and angry survivors of their dear departed who will clamour for compensation but might only find that they have no one to clamour to because there is no one to sue. This could be the ghastly consequence for so many people who were perhaps complacently complicit and thought they could safely conform, merely going along with the flow.

Such possibilities should make us more circumspect about why, under the banner ‘Mandatory vaccination is to be abandoned in England’ (passim 5.2.22) , Health Secretary Sajid Javid is turning to professional regulators who are being asked to conduct urgent reviews of their guidance on vaccination for occupational diseases, including Covid.

Did you you know Covid was an ‘occupational disease’? If it ceases to be mandatory but is more slyly enforced, who do you then sue for damages when things go wrong?

For some reason a quotation from Hamlet drifts into my head at this precise moment. When speaking of his duplicitous ‘friends’ Rosencrantz and Guildenstern who have been summoned to spy on him, he says, “Whom I will trust as I will adders fang’d.”

But Gates and his cohorts are already moving on to Phase 2 of their evil plan. Anyone who wants to literally decimate the world population ought to be deemed one of the worst misanthropists of all time but, through his millions of dollars, he promotes himself as quite the opposite, a lover of mankind. The great ‘philanthropist’ (a weasel word if ever there was one) has recently concurred with his sharpest critics that coronavirus is pretty much on a par with flu. He is now preparing us to welcome in new vaccines for things which actually are dangerous, even though all the waiting-in-the-wings ‘vaccines’ are bound to make things worse. And we must not forget his dire warnings about dear old Climate Change. Incredibly, we trust a super, super, super rich man who actually wants to blot out the sun—as has been seen recently on this website (UK Column News video, 5.2.22,  Guess Who Wants to Blot Out the Sun, 01:17:41)?

and who was completely dumbstruck when asked if he was ‘concerned’ during questioning in 1998 by the US Department of Justice as they charged Microsoft with anti-competitive and exclusionary practices. His comatose responses take some believing coming from the ultimate tech whizz kid. That he didn’t understand the word ‘concerned’ becomes more telling by the day. In an essay for The Wall Street Journal (16.1.2019) he called vaccines, “The Best Investment I’ve Ever Made.” About this and much, much more, you can watch the feature ‘The Real Bill Gates’ at https://plandemicseries.com/

Two especially alarming, but entirely typical parts of this short film, are the following:
1. Bill Gates, “We’re taking things that are, you know, genetically modified organisms and we’re injecting them in little kids’ arms. We just shoot them right into the vein.” He says this with undisguised delight, enthusiastically demonstrating said action. (9 mins 40)
2. The Gates Foundation oral polio vaccine administered in India between 2000-2017 led to the paralysis of 491,000 children, according to a 2018 report by International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. (9mins 58)

Despite what seems to some like a dysfunctional personality with a voice like Kermit the Frog, Gates is still shown by the media to whom he donates so very generously as popular and affable, judging by the rich and famous that he is photographed with like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and the late Jeffrey Epstein. Plus his disinterested, no-strings-attached philanthropy has seen him ‘give’ huge sums to such organisations as the BBC and its ideological soulmate The Guardian. With his avuncular persona and relaxed manner, it is almost as if people have persuaded themselves he can’t mean all the terrible things he says. This is a man whose ‘philanthropy’ (which cynics cruelly call tax dodging and buying influence) has made him even richer than when he wasn’t a philanthropist. Why do we allow someone like that to tell us what to do?

What is particularly inspiring about the Truckers’ Convoy in Canada is that they are challenging the whole political establishment. We have made progress but still watch our parliamentary pantomime, overtrusting that they are working for us. Oh, no we don’t. Oh, yes we do! It often seems comedic until we remember that they are supposed to be representing our best interests, not their own. We don’t all have trucks but we can play our part.

We must avoid the temptation to just be pathetically grateful for getting back some of the freedoms they took away from us and, finally, it is important to remember that whenever the government talks of spending money (or losing it to colossal fraud) it is OUR money not theirs!

Bill Gates and population control Ted talk (realdrstella/Rumble)