What Sort of Society Does This to Its Young?

A concerned read writes about Chris Whitty’s recent nonsensical statement:

Professor Whitty has said that the programme for vaccinating 12-15 year-olds in the UK is necessary in order to reduce disruption to their education. He gives an estimate of 110,000 days that would be lost if there were no vaccination.

It sounds a lot, but’s not really. There are three million 12-15 year-olds in the UK. A saving of 110,000 days between three million children comes to a saving of 1/27 of a school day. Let’s say a school day is 9 hours, including homework. So we’re vaccinating 12-15 year-olds to save 20 mins of school time per child. Seriously?

To save 20 minutes of Geography. Or French. Or Double Maths?

Professor Whitty adds that “a significant surge over the winter”, if it happened, would mean a loss of 12 million days. But even that is only four days per pupil. Why would that matter?

More to the point, how many children will be killed by this vaccine? According to the Government’s own Yellow Card stats, 1600 adults have been killed by the vaccine so far in the UK. Let’s say 60 million people have been vaccinated. 1600 / 60,000,000 equates to 80 / 3,000,000. That’s eighty dead children.

So the government is prepared to kill eighty children aged 12-15. Why? Well, certainly not for 20 minutes extra lesson time. Or even for four days’ worth. So what is the real reason?

It is not to protect the children themselves. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has said that healthy children do not need the vaccine.

So it must be to protect the rest of us.

But do adults want to be protected by children? I hope not. I’m 64 and I do not want any child to be put at risk to protect me.

What sort of society does this to its young?

And after the 12-15 year-olds, presumably the government will come for the younger ones still, and finally babies.

Why would anyone want to be complicit in this?