What Will Happen Without Cash?

Cash is freedom – use it or lose it!

The Government is planning to introduce programmable digital currency. Everything will be digital:

  • All money will be dependent on the internet – vulnerable to cyber attacks, power cuts and tech failure.
  • All your money transactions will be monitored and controlled by the state.
  • Access to your money can be cut-off by banks and government as seen recently in Canada and Australia.


A Cashless society will mean:

  • NO saving for a rainy day.
  • NO selling unwanted items for cash.
  • NO tipping waiters or hairdressers.
  • NO car boot sales or markets.
  • NO fivers for the grandchildren.
  • NO tooth fairy or piggy banks.
  • NO financial privacy and much more.


Be Aware

Every penny you receive will be recorded. Every transaction tracked. Access to your money will be owned by and controlled by the state. How and where you spend your money will be a privilege of the state.

Is this for our benefit or about state control?

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