When Do We Get Our Liberties Back?

FTAO – Bernie Spofforth, by Alexander MacNeil (text shortened)

Three weeks to flatten the curve we were told and nearly two years later here we all are still under some form of totalitarian yoke. If you watched it in a movie it would quite rightly be considered a nonsensical joke.

At the start of this saga, we didn’t know anything, just that for all and sundry across the world, everything rapidly changed. So, we kept our distance, sheltered in place and sanitised, in the hope that blind obedience would save our loved ones lives.

But over time the goalposts kept moving as additional draconian measures were gradually introduced, restricting more and more whom we could see and what we could do, as like frogs in water we were all slowly broiled to give up our hard-won freedoms gained by the blood of those that had gone before, an we did so without any resistance at all and as a replace it became the case of be good, wear your muzzles and do as you are told, don’t ask questions or in any way be bold. If you follow these orders and every dictate, we may give you Christmas or another chance to celebrate and like Pavlov’s dog we would salivate. With ever the promise of our freedoms being returned, which they seem to have expediently forgotten are ours still and all, by dint of birth!

Yet we all took things seriously and did as we were asked, but as time went on suspicions were harboured that something didn’t add up or wasn’t quite right, as the daily advice and data given didn’t ring true, as all the fearful models presented were proven to be astronomically wrong and still the powers that be continued on with the same old song. Here comes another variant so we must lockdown again, allowing further harm to be done to ourselves, as we hid from the main contagion fear, which we have allowed to run amuck, it can only be hoped that soon many more will realise just how we are being played and that the new normal sucks!

We should have protected the vulnerable, cocooned them with care, but for the rest of us it should have been so laissez faire. Instead, we have all endured so much that should not have been allowed, as our children’s educations have been devastated and we all know that school isn’t just about A B C’s and 1 2 3’s, but done right it can help a child become who they have the potential to be. Then there are the vast interactions which we have all missed by not shaking the hands of friends or the relatives whom we have not hugged or kissed. We have had loved ones dying all alone, breathing their last without a hand to hold, their internments witnessed by a select socially distanced few and no wakes allowed to recall their life’s deeds or to comfort those left behind in their times of grief.

We have all had to countenance so very much, for here in the UK we have seen it all, with propaganda posters everywhere and scientific advisors fully admitting to using behavioural psychology methods to ramp up “the perceived level of personal threat”, to unethically control our population with dread. We have had mixed messages ubiquitously applied, conceivably designed to drive us out of our minds, as under house arrest we were confined for committing absolutely no crime, only to be allowed one hour of exercise a day and if we did not comply, we were castigated, threatened with prison or fined. Whereas it has been proven countless times that those responsible for setting our restrictions have themselves not been forced to abide, with rules for thee but not for me, demonstrating blatant hypocrisy. These officials would do well to remember that they govern by consent and not decree and consider the consequences if the masses were to suddenly disagree. Protect our health service became the national rallying cry from just one form of infection, when the diagnoses, prognosis, treatment and cure of many other conditions were simply ignored. We have yet to see how this one size fits all approach will associate to an amplified death rate of conditions that potentially were wholly capable of being cured, as with this and many other idiocies, common sense no longer seems to be commonplace within the UK anymore.

Canada lost the plot, as Trudeau told his people not to sing, cheer or speak moistly on one another or be fined, while his government spent 240 billion, but nobody new on what! 40 million dollars paid out each hour with absolutely no accountability, so in place of his usual black the Prime Minister instead went with red, the colour of shamefacedness for his inexplicable “Big Spend”!

While the USA may be the home of the brave, with restrictions and mandates that vary in each of the 50 states, it can no longer truly be considered the land of the free! There are a few outliers though with the Governors of Iowa, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming and not forgetting DeSantis in Florida, all fighting for this not to be!

Whereas Australia has all but fallen, with its inhabitants being far from fair dinkum, for when a heavily pregnant woman is arrested in her PJ’s and taken away in handcuffs for posting a personal opinion online and plastic bullets are used on protestors just wanting their liberties returned, then we know something is way out of line. Their allies the Kiwis are faring no better, as now they can no longer care for their neighbours, but have been commanded not to even speak to them. They are both no longer functioning democracies, but rather are back to being penal colonies and if this is to change the spirt of the Anzacs needs to be roused once again!

The thousands of brave doctors and scientists worldwide who have all signed up advocating a differing approach to minister to what now has become endemic, one proffering less harm to people, considering their health in all its aspects, not just the physical, but also the emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual. But it seems that for the first time ever in medicine that second opinions are not welcomed to the sought and are something we are influenced not to pursue, as many of these brave men and woman, who are all specialists in their fields, have been reviled and abused, with some even receiving death threats simply for posing their learned views.

Fakebook, Gulag, Twitler and ScrewYouTube have all been openly censoring the information which we can see, increasing ambiguity and stifling anything with which they don’t agree. Together they have become a completely unregulated and unofficial ministry of untruth, determining the contours of discourse utterly divergent of a marketplace of ideas and forcing us to utilise the smaller, freer platforms merely to explore a broader range of philosophies.

The World Health Organisation’s aspirations are “to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable”. One could contend that they have failed at all three and to atone for this they could make amends by extracting their lips from the butt of Xi Jinping and fully discover everything that has been happening, so the chances of this catastrophe being repeated are severely depleted. Because, first do no harm was the oath they all took; but can it honestly be said that they have lived up to it?

The lamestream media or the mongers of fear are not investigating data or reporting upon actualities, but are forever announcing immense infection demographics, instead of explaining just how these equate to hospital admissions or mortalities. We know their motto is “if it bleeds it leads”, but their reporting has become so duplicitous as to be beyond belief, for they never account for those who sadly pass directly from this vile virus, rather than with it, but because of underlying comorbidities. This information would have been invaluable to better resource treatment plans for the vulnerable, yet helping people has never been their aim! They also never elucidate that although every death is a tragedy and a terrible loss to somebody, that worldwide and on average 150,000 people pass away each and every day, that’s 55 million people who expire each year, surpassing the current Covid death figures by over a factor of ten. Yet it’s funny how we never doomed people’s lives and livelihoods or locked down the planet for any of them! While we are talking figures, why has no journalist reported upon the strange absence of flu? Why are the lowest figures of the condition in 130 years of absolutely no interest to you? The reporting from the majority of your industry is so disingenuous that you insult our intelligence, so it’s little wonder that hardly anyone believes you anymore, that’s why your readership or viewing figures are falling through the floor!

Klaus Schwab, who is a Bond villain in the making if ever there was one, so 007 take note, is the Founder and Chair of the World Economic Forum and has made it abundantly clear that he wants a “Great Reset”, where “You will own nothing and you will be happy”! Astutely, he is well on his way to fulfilling his dream, with the price of everything except salaries incessantly increasing, while opportunities to get ahead and earn a living are further set to decline as establishments of all kinds close their doors for the final time. So, now for many just making ends meet is becoming an insurmountable feat, with masses being driven into poverty or not having enough to eat. This situation was avoidable to the extreme, as you don’t have to be Einstein to realise what will be, when you tank the global economies. Incidentally, if you were unaware the maxim of the W.E.F is “Build Back Better”, which is being spouted everywhere, but how is it better with so many in despair?

It leads one to question if all this was a pragmatic reaction to a crisis or design, for there are many circumstances that have transpired that do appear to be contrived. Such as how in 2019 there was a record number of CEO’s cashing in on their options and standing down, the highest number to do so since records began and at an even higher rate than the crash of 2008, which does lead one to at least speculate! Then there is Bill Gates, buying up mass swathes of agricultural acreage, for in early 2021 he became the largest private owner of arable farmland. So now in part he is responsible for the production of food, but will that lead to us being told what we can buy and consume? It is worrying as he is a staunch advocate of genetically modified crops and lab grown meat, so I truly hope he doesn’t get to dictate to us all just what we can eat. Then we have the big banks, who have been buying up vast amounts of the world’s real estate, ensuring that many will never be able to afford a home of their own, but instead will be forced to pay rent at extortionate rates and will have far fewer options to travel or relocate.

So it was, when many of us were growing poorer week on week, using up meagre savings or even selling off possessions just to get by, that the richest in society saw their wealth grow by as much as 54% with some doing even better still, as Bezos of Amazon reportedly made $86 billion in additional profit over the pandemic and yet apparently the treatment of his workers still remains tyrannic.

Schwab and his ilk hold little respect toward us, the great unwashed, as they want to rule via technocracies, with scant regard for democracies, which is all to take place for the apparent greater good, where you give up freedoms and have no say, to receive your daily rations of food and pittance pay! You are to be managed and controlled, subservient to the rich, powerful and unelected elites, who want to be recognised as your new lords and the masters of all they portray, setting us against each other as sport for their Hunger Games.

Follow the money and see where it goes and head right down the rabbit hole. As if you do then you will find that the same few despotic names crop up time after time, for their associations are more incestuous than a Game of Thrones plotline. To illustrate, through his foundation, old farmer Gates has just been exposed for buying off the world’s media for a 300+ million bill of fare, which would explain why he and everything he does is canonised in their eyes and why he never receives any nasty news narratives, for anything he tries to realise. Least not to his massive ties to the W.H.O and Big Pharma or even for flying on Epstein’s plane “The Lolita Express”, four years after his good friend Jeff was justly convicted for diddling kids. It would also explain why Pulitzer now gives out its prizes for demonstrable lies, as the sad fact is that the global meeja is effectively compromised. As this actuality has become a reality, it now falls to us citizens to investigate, to gather evidence, check the facts and to collate. This has to be done not only so the truth will out, but also because it will illuminate how events against humanity have recently transpired, which will be the groundwork for a brand-new set of Nuremberg trials.

With mandates being imposed across the globe, a vaccine apartheid is about to beset, with little respect being paid to “Informed Consent” and one’s medical status will no longer be private, so patient confidentiality and medical ethics may also fragment. Creating a caste system disenfranchising the unvaxxed, totally ignoring natural immunity but still depriving these people of life’s opportunities, when for whatever reason it may not be in their best interests to be jabbed and isn’t freedom of choice regarding bodily autonomy meant to be sacrosanct? Instead, we are all to witness the return of the once familiar trope used so often by authoritarian regimes, that most ominous of phrases “Your papers please”!

A case in point, apart from the fact that big pharma will gain automatic liability protection once their inoculations are finally approved, if children are the ones upon which they are recommended to be used. Why do we need to vaccinate the young against this blight when generally they suffer few ill effects at all? No evidences have been forthcoming, no explanations proffered, once again it’s a case of capitulate and comply. Which goes against everything we have been schooled in regards to the safeguarding of kids, a vast contradiction which shouldn’t be stood for, as our children are not guinea pigs.

Interestingly, big pharma, along with big media and most all of the providers within our supply chains, are chiefly controlled by just two organisations, “BlackRock” and “The Vanguard Group”, who do not seem to care about the vast lows to which they habitually stoop. As through their conducts we arrive back once again at the inequitable tenets of the Great Reset. Which is where it becomes so easy to perceive that all this has been less about health or the safety of us all, but more so about the enactment of their true goal, control!

What can we as individuals do when confronted by such overwhelming adversaries, as big business, big media, big pharma, big tech and even all of our overreaching governments, waging war on not only our rights, but more so disallowing us from living our lives? Can we change this? Is there still time? The rejoinder to all these queries is a resounding aye!

So just how long will this dystopian madness endure? Well, the answer to that has been proven innumerable times before; it will persist until good people like you stand up on mass and defiantly declare “No more!”