When Paying Tax Becomes Illegal

A listener of the White Rose interview contacted us with some information on paying taxes:

Did You Know….?

It is a criminal offence in this country to pay tax if any of it is used to fund genocide, murder or any criminal activity as per the 1945 UN Charter, Terrorism Act 2000 and The Nuremberg Code.

But there is a way you can withhold tax using a trust, which is exactly how many MPs and oligarchs avoid tax. You can withhold tax in a revocable trust for the HM Gov until they can show none of the monies will go to fund wars of aggression, genocide and crimes against humanity. (Find out more in the videos and links below.)

An other reader writes:

I came across Chris Coverdale on a video with Richard Vobes, he is an activist and a war lawyer.

He has a website called Probityco. In steps 1-6, he advocates putting all taxes, which fund the government, into a taxation trust.

He gives step by step instructions and informs why it is legal to do that. It is very illuminating.

It is a criminal offence to pay tax when it is funding terrorism, murder and genocide.

Think of the stoppage that kind of action would put onto the councils and the government, because they are breaking the Nuremberg code, the International Criminal Court laws, the Terrorism act of 2000 which the British government along with the American government and both governments have broken everyone.

Chris Coverdale informs me that it is illegal to pay taxes. He calls for a tax rebellion to stop war, killing and genocide. (Richard Vobes/YT)

The Council Tax scam gets worse!

This presentation goes into the explosive fraud of legal managers ignoring the government directive. We ask who is behind legal ramification that begets so much misery on hundreds of thousands of people in the UK. (Richard Vobes/YT)

How To Get Your Council Tax Payments Refunded:

A video which takes you through the step by step process to reclaim ALL council tax you have ever paid. Watch the whole video. If you can’t even watch a 13 minute video right through that might get you thousands of pounds refunded, don’t ask me questions in the comments that I have explained in the video. (Tim Davies/YT)

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