White Rose Family

The White Rose LogoThe White Rose UK is a group made up of people from all over the UK and in fact, all around the world.

We are like one big family that loves freedom and truth. During the con-vid era, we sacrificed our jobs, our incomes, our education and often our friendships, or at least put them at risk. We were bullied and insulted because we wanted to remain in the truth.

As always, it paid off to be honest to ourselves and to others.

We aren’t suffering vaccine harms, we don’t have to feel ashamed for being fooled by the corrupt government, media, and the false prophets, and we can’t be blamed for anything.

We did the right thing. We resisted the fraud. Some of us woke up early, for others it took a little longer. Some needed to learn the hard way.

The White Rose was never about fame and publicity of a single person or leader. TWR is about you and me. TWR is about resisting the lies. TWR is about being set free by the truth.

TWR is a family of ordinary people who just want to live a normal life in peace, and mind their own business. However, we cannot watch evil agendas spread out, causing immense destruction, without resisting. That’s why we left our comfort zone and stood up for freedom.

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