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Wooden Rosaries

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1) Rosary with Crucifix (standard: 5 × 10 beads)

Material: wooden beads and zinc alloy. Weight: 30 g/1.06 oz. Height: ca. 43 cm/17 inches. Inner diameter: ca. 18 cm/7 inches.

Handmade traditional rosary for praying the Holy Rosary. Each rosary has been blessed by a priest. The Holy Rosary is a Catholic, meditative prayer prayed for centuries around the world—it is a powerful weapon against all evil and can be prayed alone or in a group.

How to pray the Holy Rosary: https://thewhiterose.uk/pray-the-rosary/

2) Saint Michael chaplet rosary (9 × 3 beads) with special indulgences

Material: brown, red-brown or dark-red* wooden beads on a cord with a silver Saint Michael medal (a little different as on the picture).
Weight: 9 g/0.32 oz. Height: ca. 25 cm/10 inches. Inner diameter: ca. 10 cm/4 inches.
Each rosary has been blessed by a priest.
*If you prefer one of the colours, please write to us after ordering: contact.

How to pray the Saint Michael chaplet: here

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