WHO Shamelessly Spreading More Fat Lies – Despite Skyrocketing Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

In a new WHO propaganda video, packed with cheap lies, Peter Hotez tries to discredit people who made the wise choice not to be vaccinated. The video, of course, does not mention the horrendous adverse reactions and skyrocketing deaths from the covid vax.

The propaganda slander video appears to be an attempt to undermine the ever-growing scepticism towards covid vaccines.

Who is Peter Hotez? In an article the U.S. Right To Know states:

[Peter Hotez is] a prominent scientist who has denounced a congressional investigation into gain-of-function research helped fund Wuhan Institute of Virology gain-of-function work flagged by congressional investigators.

Peter Hotez, dean of the Baylor College of Medicine National School of Tropical Medicine, has been a fierce critic of potential hearings next year into a possible lab origin of COVID-19 and whether the National Institutes of Health prematurely discredited the hypothesis.

Hotez decried the hearings as nothing less than “a plan to undermine the fabric of science in America” in a viral tweet thread last week. Hotez also dismissed as an “outlandish conspiracy” the possibility that a lab accident sparked the COVID-19 pandemic. (Read the full article here: https://usrtk.org/covid-19-origins/critic-of-congressional-probe-into-gain-of-function-research-helped-fund-wuhan-gain-of-function-study/)

MP Andrew Brigden: ‘There needs to be an immediate suspension on covid vaccines!’ (HealthImpactNews/YT):