Whom Do our Elected Officials Serve?

By Alexander MacNeil

Whom do our elected officials serve? Is it the people that elected them, those who placed them into office, or for many of them, is it someone else, somebody not even a resident of the countries that they are designated to serve?

Winston S. Churchill was once purported to have stated that “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others”. And it is true that improvements could be made to democratic systems to enhance election integrity and expound upon the many factors surrounding true proportional representation. There are also issues surrounding the influence of government whips ensuring that elected officials vote as their party wants them to regardless of how this can impact their constituents, that do need to be addressed and not forgetting to mention the influence of lobbyists, essentially bribing these lawmakers, which really should be investigated with a fine-tooth comb. Big brown envelopes stuffed with cash are seldom used, but gifts and favours, campaign contributions or lucrative future job offers from lobbyists to propose the writing of new laws or to vote a certain way for or against legislation to the benefit of their clients is the current insidious worldwide norm. So stronger regulations should be put in place to hold officials to account for their stirring yet hollow promises that almost never seem to transpire or when as they so often do, they just outright lie!

For it is a sad fact that the vast majority of us now accept and even expect as a matter of course that all politicians lie, and as our trust in them across the globe has taken a nose dive, plummeting to an all-time low, then they should be more accountable to us “the voters” for their actions. That being said however, I for one would not want to live under any other system of governance and I feel a genuine sorrow for those that are forced to do so.

So, for those of us that believe in democracy and would like to see it thrive it is a sad fact that many of us consider that the vast majority of our elected officials are only out for themselves, rather than being in office for their individual country’s best interests.

When taking up their official seats each of these officeholders have to be sworn in by taking an Oath of Office or Allegiance. In the UK this is a Parliamentary Oath, in Australia, Canada and New Zealand their officials take an Oath of Allegiance, in the USA their officials swear to support and defend their constitution and to bear true faith and allegiance to same. Finally, those representing the EU swear to act on behalf of the peoples of Europe, to share common values and heritage and to promote individual liberty and human rights.

The words they speak when undertaking these oaths have significance or they are certainly meant to, and there are listed penalties that can be applied for violating an oath of office, though they seldom seem to be enforced.

But it is the actions of certain politicians that at present should worry us all, in spite of the solemn words that they pledge to espouse. For how can it be so that certain individuals can adopt their seats of power and yet offer their full allegiance to an organisation outside of their governments.

I am speaking of their affiliations to Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s), which are groups that function independently of any government. They usually operate on a non-profit basis although they can hold millions and even billions in reserves. NGOs, are established on community, national, and even international levels and are designed to serve a social or political goal. Some of these organisations are a force for good attempting to better the lives of the populations of third world countries with increased standards of education and health care.

Although there have been some in recent times that have been involved in the sexual exploitation of the very people they were meant to be helping, as in February 2018 a report by the UK’s House of Commons International Development Committee found that sexual abuse was “endemic across the international aid sector” and targeted both locals and staff members. Which does beg the question how can these organisations receive government funding (our money), without there being any form of Governmental oversight?

With the above example notwithstanding, there are other NGO’s which do appear to have far more nefarious aims, I am speaking in particular of the World Economic Forum (WEF) an international non-governmental and lobbying organisation based in Switzerland, which was created in 1971 by Klaus Schwab.

The World Economic Forum is an unaccountable officialdom which convenes annual secret meetings of the world’s elite in Davos, Switzerland, with a view to impacting policy decisions on behalf of its members. Stakeholders and members of the WEF include world government leaders, multi-national corporate heads (and yes all of the main ones you can think off are usually in attendance), journalists, activists, cultural leaders and even artists, all of whom collaborate to push forth the WEF’s technocratic agendas.

Their principal plan is the “resetting” of the global society for the benefit of private corporations rather than for we the people. Their common adversary is the nation state, because national sovereignty and national borders not only preserve local democracy and self-governance but also protect small and medium-size businesses against the onslaught of the multinationals. Essentially, they want to have control of the world’s food, fuel and finances, for by doing this they can in effect control the actions of us all.

The minions of the WEF are legion, from here in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, right across the EU, to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and even within the USA and Latin America, all of us have political leaders working in tandem with the WEF to enact their goals.

By way of illustration, the runners who were in our seeming never ending United Kingdom PM race Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak both have ties to the WEF. So where this situation will lead our country is anyone’s guess, but it does seem to be the case that no matter which one of them won to become our next Prime Minister, it will be the people of Great Britain that shall lose. In Canada the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the World Economic Forum’s poster boy and his Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland is so entrenched within the doctrines of the WEF that she is also a member of the Forum’s Board of Trustees. If that wasn’t bad enough their so-called opposition and the leader of the unaptly named New Democratic Party Jagmeet Singh is also tied to the WEF, so the poor Canadians are really up against the wall. French President Emmanuel Macron, who recently lectured his people that they have seen the end of abundance and they must sacrifice, while he gives up absolutely nothing is, yes you guessed it, also bound to the WEF. Mark Rutte the current Prime Minister of the Netherlands and the man wholly responsible for the outright and ongoing theft of farmland from his people while also attempting to cull thirty percent of their livestock is another true believer of the WEF’s ideologies. Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand is actually a graduate of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders programme which was started by Schwab in 1992 and was originally named the Global Leaders for Tomorrow school, changing to its current designation in 2004. Amongst the schools very first intake was ex-German Chancellor Angela Merkel, ex-French President Nicolas Sarkozy and, last but by no mean least, the ex-UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, who remains to this day as an agenda contributor to the WEF. Attendees of this school must apply for admission before undergoing a stringent selection process to gain acceptance and there are currently around 1,300 graduates of this programme in governments and in organisations of influence around the world.

In criminology, a political crime is defined as an offence involving overt acts or omissions (where there is a duty to act), which prejudice the interests of the state, its government, or the political system.

So, why are all the above-mentioned people still in office and able to wield power, when they should be in jail for “Political Crimes”? For surely, they cannot serve the people that elected them and the World Economic Forum, both!

Instead of accepting this plague that is affecting all of our houses, may I suggest that it is long overdue that we thoroughly clean our domiciles and rid ourselves of this carcinogenic infestation at the earliest opportunity. Vote them out, prosecute them if you can for maleficence in public office, as these people can no longer be allowed to get away with acting in direct contravention towards the best interests of their citizens. No longer can these few be responsible for what has such dramatic and dire impacts to the lives of the many. But in the end this will be down to all of you. How long are you going to let these people get away with their unlawful autocracy, which is being put forth as, but is absolutely nothing at all akin to democracy?



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